Galaxy Nexus specs possibly revealed -- but they're really not the important part [updated with more blog-on-blog action]

Possible specs for the next Nexus phone have been published by BGR this morning for the phone you see above. They are: a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display with 720p resolution, a dual-core TI OMAP 4460 processor at 1.2 GHz. 1GB of RAM. Some 32GB (!) of storage. A 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front shooter. 1080p video recording. NFC, and a 1750 mAh battery. "Pure Google" experience. It's a Nexus phone, after all. On Verizon.

None of that should really surprise you. Hell, a good bit of it we broke in our forums (here and here) months ago. But even that shouldn't surprise you. The specs will always get better (though we're interested to see what's going on with a "mere" 5MP camera; presumably we've got some better optics coming). And we all love new hardware, especially when it's a Nexus device. (And this is all assuming BGR's source is correct, of course.)

Hardware is sexy. It's tangible. And it's short-lived. Something better is always coming. What we're really interested in seeing next week at CTIA is Ice Cream Sandwich. It's the building blocks for the next generation of Android phones. And tablets. And who knows what else. It's going to (or at least supposed to) bring the tablet and smartphone experiences back into the same stream. And we're expecting it to return Android to the the open-source fold, which it (understandably) got away from with Honeycomb.

Don't get us wrong. We're going to gush all over the next Nexus device like it's ... well, the next Nexus device. But specs are just that. Specs. Ice Cream Sandwich is the big deal here.

Join us next week.

Update: GSM Arena just put up a post basically saying BGR's post is full of it, and their unconfirmed anonymous source is better, and the specs are different and better, and their dad can beat up your dad. Or something like that.

Here's an idea. We're actually going to go to San Diego and find out. And regardless, what we said above is still true. Specs are just specs.

Phil Nickinson
  • LTE or cdma only ?
  • It's all speculation right now until CTIA, but I would think LTE is a given since Verizon is really starting to churn LTE devices out now.
  • If it is on Verizon It will be a CDMA version with LTE. If it goes to AT&T It could be a GSM .
  • If it goes to ATT it could be GSM? Is that opposed to the ATT CDMA side? Of course it will be GSM if it goes to ATT.
  • Its "WHEN", Not "IF" it goes to AT&T. Verizon may get some period of exclusivity, but its not in Google's interest to keep it that way for long. When that happens, (unless Samsung horks up this phone badly) it will be the perfect bridge phone on AT&T to buy now, and hold thru LTE release (unless AT&T horks up their LTE release badly).
  • than i hope ATT gets it. cuz i want to import that damn thing! and we dont have CDMA here
  • I had the exact same question. Would also be nice if it was a world phone too (GSM bands).
  • Absolutely nothing suggests this is the only variant. Often times a single variant of a model leaks, and people assume what they see for the radio is the last word. The only thing this would suggest is that it is not a world phone, no big deal for the majority.
  • "no big deal for the majority." well i think the world is the majority.
    not US.
    and knowing that CDMA isnt that populair around the world.
    it would be a big deal! as long as the release date phone has GSM.its all fine to me.
    and i bet that only the radio is different from the verizon version(if its not the release date phone)
  • No dude he meant that it'll be no big deal because instead of having one "world phone" they'll have two separate variants - one with a CDMA radio and one with a GSM radio...
  • Phil's brain. was working. In. short. sentences. When he wrote. this article. Sorry Phil, had. to.
  • Nexus prime will not be bigger than my evo 4g.. trust me! ! No capacitive buttons on the bottom!
  • Now I know how it feels to be an iPhone fan...
  • I was thinking the same thing.
  • no you dont , trust me
  • Yeah I'm very underwhelmed. I'm hoping I get proved wrong.
  • There's nothing here to be underwhelmed about, maybe the 5MP. I'll give you that, but if you still don't own a real camera for your quality photography sessions then you've got bigger problems. This phone is a Vanilla android device. On Verizon. With a big sharp screen and ICS. And -zero- bloat. End of story. If you're still confused, I'll give you one last thing to think about. Give me any phone, and install tons of useless CPU-hogging bloat apps, then go on the forums and brag about how yours has a 1.5 Dual instead of a 1.2 Dual; except that the 1.2 has no bloat and it's not required to spend all night with ROMs and flash software just to get the experience that should have shipped stock with the device....
  • Yeah now specs aren't really "the important part". What kind of BS is this. Phil was full of glee during the Apple keynote. Looks like Rene will have his revenge.
  • but the difference here is that it doesnt look the same as its predecessor and even then it has better specs than the 4s in many areas if the rumours are true but thats all these specs are rumours cause thats the real lesson learned from the 4s debacle is dont trust rumours because all they do is disappoint you.
  • Better specs? The A5 is as fast if not faster than even the Exynos in the Galaxy S2, the iPhone 4S has a 8MP rear camera, you can get the iPhone 4S with 64GB options, it also has Bluetooth 4.0. The only thing that the Prime would trump the 4S in is screen size, and LTE, and NFC. But you are right all rumors just need to die.
  • If the Prime has options for expandable memory, then your claim of more memory is nullified, also since we dont know the exact speed of the A5 I will give you that but I doubt that it is anywhere near the exynos processor by samsung.... and that means that the Prime still has 2 things over the 4s... Well actually 3... because its an ANDROID :-) But I agree.. I dont know what everyone was expecting. All of these specs were EXACTLY what rumor lead everyone to believe which everyone was excited about and now that they might be true so everyone is disappointed. Apple fans should be sad because all of the features of the iphone are just on par with everything Android devices have been offering since the summer. I am happy with these specs, but even more excited about the actual INTERFACE of ICS :-)
  • Don't expect expandable memory. Icecream Sandwich, like Honeycomb is meant to be used as an MTP device with one large internal memory chip like the iPhone has. You can also kiss Mass Storage mode good bye as both Honeycomb and Icecream sandwich only use MTP. In fact Honeycomb has NO OFFICIAL support for expandable storage at all. Same goes with Icecream sandwich.
  • CPU wise, the Exynos is faster than the A5, although GPU wise, the A5 steamrolls the Exynos by a factor of about 2. That said, it's not really fair to compare it to the iPad 2. The version in the iPhone 4S will undoubtedly have both the CPU and the GPU downclocked to save power.
  • Since my city is finally getting Verizon LTE on October 20th, I may just have to get this puppy assuming it has a LED notification light.
  • not 1.5 GHZ or more???? :( only 1.3mp front camera? hopefully this is not accurate!
  • Please tell me why a 1.5Ghz chip would make this phone while a 1.2Ghz chip will break it? Why do you need anything greater then even 1MP on a front facing camera? Its for video chatting and I don't think many chat services use anything greater then 640x480 for mobile video.
  • because.....
  • I can understand why some people might be disappointed in a 1.2 MP font-facing camera. Some video chat services are allowing 720P video chat, so maybe 1080P is on the way, and people like their current hardware to be as future-proof as possible. Additionally, some people use the front-facing camera for more than video chatting. The front-facing camera is a useful composition tool for self portraiture and videos (not live chat).
  • 1.2GHZ w/ no bloat > 1.5GHZ w/ bloat
  • Who cares about a front facing camera????
  • awww Verizon phone sob I wanted one, but Im on contract, I guess ill get the Samsung Galaxy S2
  • It'll be on more than one carrier....
  • what would be wrong with that ?
  • 99.7% of the world (and Android developers) can't use it if it's exclusive.
  • havnt they all been exclusive to a carrier...Im pretty sure there isnt a google device that is available on all networks.
  • both previous nexus devices launched worldwide GSM on day one.
  • and as far as the US is concerned, the Nexus S became available on AT&T and Sprint thereafter (Jerry I know you know that, but just furthering the point...) That might be exclusive in that it excluded Verizon, but it wasn't exclusive to just one carrier. It would be a serious flub-up to bring the next nexus only to Verizon, and IMO seriously goes against everything Google purports to stand for. I seriously doubt that's how it'll go down, though Verizon may get it first.
  • im guessing its an exlusive to verizon in the US only and will be released in other countries...just like how the iphone was an exclusive on at&t in the US but was released everywhere else
  • that would stil seing how the europe version of the nexus s got SLCD. and took 2 extra months til release. i want to import it out of the us on day one.
  • 5mp camera? Lower resolution doesn't bother me, but there better be some serious improvements with resolution and such. Would love to see 1080P or even 720P at 60fps. The OMAP processor is no surprise. Expecting to see some hand-wringing about the specs, though. Some ain't gonna be pleased.
  • "Lower resolution doesn't bother me, but there better be some serious improvements with resolution and such" Derp...
  • Oops, make that "improvements with image quality." :)
  • Nice specs for a tablet.
  • I have a bad feeling that the huge 32Gb of internal storage means that there will be no micro-SD card slot (like the Nexus S). Not the end of the world if it doesn't have it, but would be really nice if it did. Hopefully, they will at least allow it to have media hub.
  • If that's the case maybe it will be a little cheaper without an SD card.
  • I thought that too when I saw that, but hopefully it will still have a card slot so it can support up to 64GB just like the iPhone 4S that was announced the other day. Or does Apple have a patent on 64GB of storage?? :P
  • The previous Nexus phone didn't have an sd card, which leads me to believe that this new one won't either. If you have an unlimited data plan or have wifi readily available, then cloud storage may be an acceptable solution.
  • I have a Nexus S, and Amazon Cloud Player saved me. I have about 4-6 gigs of music cached on my device, then the rest gets streamed. Oh yeah, and Dropbox :)
  • I was hoping it would at least be an unlocked world phone. It's disappointing that Google and Samsung would be releasing a nexus phone exclusively on a locked down CDMA carrier.
  • It'll be on many carriers including GSM carrier.. What makes you think otherwise?
  • If you follow the BGR link, they're calling it a Verizon "exclusive". I'm all for having a Nexus phone on Verizon, it means a lot of Android fans will be able to get one and perhaps even some of those disappointed with the iphone 4S will turn to Android, but the exclusive part really bothers me.
  • Not exclusive forever just for like a month or so then the other carriers will get one.
  • a month to long!
    and i dont want to get a difrent screen.just liek the EURO version of the nexus s
  • If you follow the BGR link, in the spec list it says that the radio is carrier dependent, meaning that the phone will eventually be available on other carriers.
  • I'm guessing that the 5mp camera is a backlit CCD, much like what the iPhone 4 has. Which is fine by me - that takes much better pictures than any of the higher resolution CCDs in other Android phones right now. Also, maybe it will let them pack in more optics and take photos faster - all things I'd happily trade a little bit of resolution for. The rest of this is about what I expected - aside from ICS, the last big reveal will be battery life with LTE. If they can get a full day for us with moderate to heavy use then I'm buying one and convincing everyone else I know to get one too.
  • Finally a vanilla android phone on VZ and with ICS nontheless. That said, it shouldn't be a VZ exclusive...what's the point if this is the case.
  • Yeah, they need to put this thing on every carrier, it only makes sense.
  • Looks like we will just have to wait and see. CTIA
  • I said it on BGR and I'll say it here: BGR's "trusted" sources are like the "trusted" weatherman predicting the 13 day forecast. They're reasonably sure there won't be a blizzard in the summer, but other than that they're just whipping darts with their eyes closed. They might end up right but they sure as hell weren't aiming. Now, onto the phone; I hope phil is right about the camera and it turns out to be fantastic even with the less pixels. 5MP is plenty if you have an advanced low light camera with great optics, fast startup and fast shot-to-shot. I'm still disappointed in the pervasive "verizon exclusive" rumor, mostly because I want to see this phone really go toe to toe with the iphone on the 3 (or 4) big carriers. That, and I'd rather switch to sprint than verizon. It does seem to me that ICS is going to be the real show here, I'm not even sure what to expect at this point but I'm hoping to see some innovative new features.
  • Doesn't the lac of terga 2 support kinda screw the phone when it comes to all those games working for the chipset?? Nevertheless if this verizon rumor is true than im calling it DOA. Also what does this mean for the phone in the other 90% of the world that doesnt mess with Cdma. Was hoping for Verizon and a pentaband GSM phone but it seems that only nokia is capable of this. Guess Ill wait to see what nokia pulls out of finland.
  • What do people not get here? They can easily make it with CDMA/LTE and give Verizon exclusive rights in the US for however long. Along with this they can already have a GSM version to launch worldwide and then on other carriers in the US after Verizon gets their early bid. Calm down people!!!
  • stil 1/2 months to long until GSM version.. and i want it on day one. and i will keep saying this over and over!
  • I'd take a 5MP camera that's much better at light saturation, color etc.... Than a camera with more MP and gives you oversaturated pictures with dull colors. I miss the camera on my samsung EPIC, which was 5MP but took way better pictures than my HTC EVO or EVO 3d. MP is just so much easier to market, people automatically assume more = better. But really it just means bigger. A bigger crappy picture as opposed to a smaller better picture.
  • Nice now don't make us wait forever to be able to get it Verizon. Do like apple and start preorders a few days after the announcement. Looks like the phone we have been waiting for.
  • I want this phone...............
  • This SHOULD NOT BE AN VERIZON EXCLUSIVE they do not deserve that right over SPRINT or TMOBILE. If google wants to have there product out to everyone then release this device to ALL CARRIERS DAY ONE.. OTHERWISE SUFFER PEOPLE LOSING DESIRE FOR THIS DEVICE. With the EVO BRAND of 2012 coming as well as QUADCORE DEVICES this device won't be on top too long anyway. Plus with the EVO 3D and PHOTON 4G and Samsung Galaxy EPIC TOUCH 4G being out how much better will this be.
  • Funny the nexus s still goes toe to toe with any of the top of the line phones and your EVO. EVO was on top for a few weeks til photon and epic touch came out. Not to mention Sprint is getting the iPhone so bye bye all the perks they used to have.
  • They don't deserve the "right"? Seriously? Is this because VZW hasn't been able to bang out a deal to carry a Google phone yet? Calm down. The most likely scenario is VZW will have it "exclusively" for a month or 2, then other carriers will get it. Jesus, what cell phone carrier has a "right" to exclusivity.....none, unless they work out a deal. If this information is correct, then VZW has the "right" as much as any carrier. That being said, I'm hoping BGR isn't correct regarding the processor clockspeed.
  • Thanks for explaining it to him. Some folks just refuse to read, or read what they want.
  • Yes, I've had an ongoing theory for years. The majority of people do not really "care" until something directly effects them personally. It's sad that this is human nature, but it is. This guy thinks his carrier (read him personally) has a right to something. Now that his carrier isn't getting the phone initially, he's pissed, and therefore "cares". Now to make my post at least partially relevant to the Prime, I still think it will be a top tier android handset, but I'd like to see earlier assumptions regarding the processor to be correct and not these numbers.
  • Finally someone with common sense! Holy crap there are a lot of ignorant and uneducated comments here this morning. VzW has how many more customers than Sprint? How much better service than Sprint? How much faster data speeds than Sprint? Sprint blows and they are now suckling on the Apple wagon now so get over your Sprint fantasies people!
  • haha oh the irony...
  • "they do not deserve that right"???? Reallllly now???? Verizon is the only carrier to not have a Nexus phone in their lineup. Ever. I think they "deserve that right" now. What a narcissistic moron. And the Nexus phones have NEVER released to "all carriers day one" here in the US. Don't you know that? What makes you think this release will be any different? You're talking about 4 different carriers with at least 2 vastly different wireless technologies (CDMA/GSM) in which the frequencies aren't really that compatible on other networks, not to mention the differing 4G technologies (Wimax/LTE/HSPA+) that would have to all be crammed into the phone. Keep your delusional hopes up though. I'll be sitting back laughing when the Prime is released to Verizon first after your months of saying it wouldn't be. Just like your "prediction" that the Evo 3D would be released on the 4th of June. Yeah... that didn't happen. What a joke.
    "OTHERWISE SUFFER PEOPLE LOSING DESIRE FOR THIS DEVICE." This statement is also completely wrong. The Nexus One is almost (if not already) 2 years old and is still pretty popular. The Nexus S (and Sprint's NS4G) are even more popular. This will be no different. Such an ignorant child you are...
  • Just had to say thanks for this post! I agree 100% and non-VzW customers are just mad they don't get this first like usual. They all got the SGSII and laughed at us VzW users and now we get our chance to laugh at them for buying the SGSII while we will be rocking ICS with a better phone!
  • The sad part is, I'm actually a Sprint customer. Unlike Dick Yarrell though, I try to be objective about everything. Good luck on getting the NP. If the rumors hold true, it'll be amazing.
  • you meant worse phone...
    I'm personally disappointed probably still will get it, cause i have been waiting to have my first Nexus for a while, the last one was an disappointment as well, i guess i'll have to sucked it up, if the Epic Touch had NFC i would prefer that, but nothing is perfect.
  • Yeah there's no need to even reply to keyboard shouters, lol. They've already used their own caps lock key to make themselves look as stupid as possible.
  • I seriously hope these specs are not real!
  • Why? These specs are top of the line.
  • Yeah, they're really not that bad. A 1.2 GHZ dual core is gonna be a monster on a vanilla Android OS. Are people really gonna be like "ARGH!!! I can't believe my front facing camera is only 1.3 megapixels and not 2 megapixels!!!!" Gimmie a break. I'm with you man, these people are crazy. This thing is gonna be great.
  • He's probably referring to that processor typically being 1.5ghz. If the Prime is 1.2 then it looks like it's underclocked.
  • They are bad! .7 mega pixel dont make a differnce on 13.3 to 14 but it does make a huge deference on 1.3 to 2 thats 30%, i seen the difference when using my Tab 10.1 front and back cameras on TALK(2 to 3). BTW 1.2 GHZ have been out for almost an year, nobody expect this, i want to use this phone till at least the end of next year, wtvr if you are satisfied is great for you, I'm not! i use Talk and skype (video calls)very often and see my self using much more in the future.
  • No I didn't mean they're bad at all - I'd just be shocked, after all that rumours.
  • The BGR staff are idiots, that simple.
  • I hope this thing is on Sprint. If it's not, my next phone will be the 4S or the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch. I like typing the whole name out because it's that ridiculous lol.
  • Well why not just go ahead and get the 4s?
  • Because its a iPhone.
  • Nexus phones have always had crappy cameras and that's ashame.
    Today's standard should be at least an 8mp. I know I know....MP don't mean squat unless you're blowing up the pic over 8x10, but still....5MP..C'mon!
  • You are right, MP means nothing. Look at the iPhone 4 camera. Its 5MP and blows anything Android out of the water IMO. I just hope they went with a nice lens / sensor setup here to really help increase picture quality.
  • And no zoom...I had a nexus s for about 2 weeks. Pure Google was plain Google. Isn't this processor similar that to the processor in the t mobile galaxy s II that everyone is flaming?
  • Thats not 100% true, the Nexus One had a pretty decent camera considering the other high end phones that were around (OG Droid & iPhone 3GS) when it launched. However, you are right about this particular, it should be released with an at least an 8mp camera, especially since the Galaxy S II's have them, and even if MP's don't mean anything over 8x10.
  • I love all the clowns who can't read and think by exclusive they mean forever. Read people it will come to other carriers. Smh
  • Agreed. It will be a VZW exclusive for maybe a few months, but will be on other carriers as well.
  • And possibly a no contract price drop because most of the full retail prices on Verizon are asinine compared to other carriers.
  • thats exactly in a few months there are going to be quad-core phones out.
  • +1.
  • I still don't believe this Verizon exclusive mess. It might be a Verizon exclusive be that still won't stop Google from selling it unlocked, that is the whole purpose of a Nexus phone. Why release a new Nexus phone and lock it down to one CDMA carrier?? Blasphemy..
  • These specs that have been given are NOT VERY Impressive But never the less the bar will be set for the stander of what Android phone should be. Now my Question is......How will other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 run ICS? And will HTC be the Next Company To Release a Button less Ice Cream Sandwich Phone with Better internals?
  • How is a phone with a screen resolution of 720x1280 not impressive? That is an insane amount of pixels to pack into a phone screen. We've never seen anything close to that before. That's 50% more pixels than Apple's freaking retina display. How is a dual core OMAP4 at 1.2GHz coupled to 1GB of dual channel RAM not impressive? That's top of the line. Even the Galaxy S II doesn't have dual channel RAM. The LG Optimus 3D scores 2800-3000 in Quadrant and it only has a 1GHz dual core OMAP4, 512MB of RAM, and runs Froyo. I imagine this processor will at least match the performance of the current king, the Galaxy S II. Sigh. You just can't please some people I guess.
  • with AOSP 2.3.4 (of course radios aren't working) the O3d scores almost 6,000 on quadrant :p
  • BGR isn't all that reliable.....
  • Does anyone know how the OMAP processor benchmarks? Also really curious on its power consumption. Could the use of this processor increase battery life?
  • There are Benchmarks of the OMAP out there you just need to look for them.
    As for the Power usage, it is suppose to be improve due to the OMAP I Believe, just look at how the Droid 3 and Bionic are running with Omaps.
  • From what I've seen, OMAP processors are some of the most powerful processors around. Easily beat snapdragons and the tegra 2. Not sure how it stacks up next to the exynos though.
  • The TI OMAP 4460 is clocked at 1.5 GHz everywhere I look, not 1.2, so this sounds wrong. Also the "Verizon exclusive" will be a temporary US carrier exclusivity, maybe for a month or two, after which the other US carriers will get it.
  • Chips can be underclocked ya know....
  • Exactly. iPhone processors are underclocked for better battery consumption. As is the processor in the G2.
  • Meh... verizon- double meh
  • That's just because you don't have Verizon. Don't be a hater.
  • I have att for personal. Verizon for work. So yes, I have lots of experience with both. I acually had the same blackberry on att until they switched us to verizon. Same phone on verizon gets worse battery life, slower data, no talk and surf at same time, poorer sound quality should I continue?
  • You are talking about a Blackberry first off there is issue #1. Second does AT&T's "4G" run at 12-25+ Mbps? Oh wait it runs at maybe 6. Their HSUPA is set to what....1.7 Mbps? Weird! I just switched from AT&T several months ago and although their 3G is a tad slower who gives a crap. Verizon has LTE and AT&T has HSPA"+". Stop being a hater and get over yourself. You ARE NOT getting the Prime on AT&T first so move on! Oh and BTW Thunderbolt on VzW = talk and surf at the same time! Whoa!!!!! Should I continue?
  • And while you're talking and surfing on LTE at the same time, you can watch your battery drop 10% per minute! Yes folks, that's the downside of having a 4G technology that requires a second radio. (LTE, Wimax)
  • Please try...Comparing a Blackberry 9700 on ATT and 9650 on Verizon is a valid comparison since they are essentially the same phone and the differences are network issues. I am not hating just providing evidence that I do have experience on both networks. Many companies use blackberry and they are well know for superb battery life and great phone qualities which my comments focused on. You are the one who jumped into many different discussions. I live in Dallas which is has LTE up and running (no phones yet) but I have no intention of getting lte ever because I have no need for my phone to have data as fast as my home internet. But once AT&T's lte network is up and running, it will be technically superior to Verizon's just as their 3G network is. You stick with Verizon and I will stick with AT&T how about that? Not hating just expressing my opinion. What ever works for you! BTW the person I am working with today has a Thunderbolt and I told her your comments about surfing and talking at the same time on lte and she said "yeah if you hooked up to a car battery".
  • Same here. Currently have an Infuse "Faux-G" and a Droid 3, The Infuse walks on the Droid 3 at every turn. Faster(Read: Less Bloat),Droid 3's dual core is no match for the pile of bloat that verizon heaped on it. Single core in the Infuse. Infuse holds signal better. Even when ATT drops to EDGE(rarely), yes you read that right, -EDGE- the song still streams fast enough (Goog music beta) to play without any chop on the Infuse. On the other hand, choppy-ness, cutting in and out, is guaranteed on the first song on Verizon's 3G regardless of signal level. And before you ask, I'm not rooting the Droid 3 cause it's getting eBay'd as soon as the Prime is released and I just don't need the hassle of reverting to stock.
  • ...who "surfs and talks" on a blackberry at the same time? ALSO I am skeptical of your claim that switching carriers makes the battery life worse.
  • I often need to check on an email that comes through while on speaker to make sure it is the file I needed. On AT&T I could do it. On Verizon I need to get off the phone for the emails to come through and then need to call back. Real world facts here. Also I have never looked at the specs but I suspect the Verizon battery is smaller because the radio is bigger and heavier. I easily got two days on my 9700 but have the hit the power cord at about 1.5 on the 9650. This is not just me saying it. We had many in our company trying to get waivers to switch their blackberries back to ATT. I kept my Verizon because I travel and wanted two different networks for the best coverage throughout the nation.
  • So what you're saying is that you're the A-hole who puts phones on speakerphone.
  • So what you're saying is that you're the A-hole who puts phones on speakerphone.
  • go back to sleep...
  • Lamenting the reportedly ridiculous screen size. Some of us have smaller hands, and really can't comfortably one-hand a phone that large. Heck, I have problems reaching the back button on the Droid 1 with my right hand. However, vanilla Android on Verizon? Sign me up. Thought it would never happen again! Either this or the Vigor, but leaning towards the Nexus most definitely.
  • It won't feel like a 4.65 inch screen. The bottom 96 pixels of the screen will be used to display the standard Android buttons. If you do the math and subtract 96 pixels from the bottom of the screen, that effectively leaves you with a 4.3 inch display with a resolution of 720x1184. So you should expect it to feel more like a 4.3 inch screen.
  • It should still extend the size of the phone though right? Even though I have big hands, 4.3 inches is more than enough for me, I'm used to the 3.7" screen from the Nexus One anyways so pretty anything else will feel huge.
  • No, simple math proves that it won't extend the size of the phone. This phone should be the same size as any other phone with a 4.3 inch screen. Check this picture and you'll get it...
  • But, it is still 4.65" regardless of the display area. It will feel that big in my hands, thus my problem. Even 4.3" is still rather large. I really do prefer the smaller screens because well...the world is just not meant for people with tiny hands.
  • No, it won't feel like a 4.65 inch screen. There is no reason this phone will feel any different than a 4.3 inch screen. Think of it as a 4.3 inch 720x1184 screen with that bottom .35 inches of the screen being where the capacitive buttons usually are.
  • You're still missing the point. It is large. Feel is not what I'm saying anything about. I totally understand what part is going to be where the capacitive buttons usually area. It is still a large screen size. I'm saying I miss the smaller screen sizes. 4.3" is still very large if you have small hands. And is near impossible to use one-handed in that capacity. I know you're trying to say it's the same as 4.3" but that size is still large if you have small hands. And hard to pocket in girl jeans. Just saying.
  • Yeah, 4.3 might still be too large for some, especially for girls since they tend to have smaller hands and wear tighter clothing, but it's pretty much the standard size now for all high end Android phones.
  • The size of the screen will be taller, not wider. Hope this makes it easier to understand.
  • I can't wait for this thing. An unmolested Android phone on Verizon with a great screen, dual core processor, AND LTE? My prayers have been answered.
  • My sentiments exactly.
  • I just have to say... wow. People are really going nuts over the fact it is going to Verizon FIRST. Emphasis on FIRST. Meaning it will go other places, just first to Verizon. I'm sorry, but as best I can recall, Verizon never got ANY of the previous Nexus devices... so was that fair? Did all these people cry foul then? Probably not, since it didn't hurt them. Fact it, Verizon is the largest US carrier, and launching a Nexus there first (remember the FIRST people...not FOREVER) is huge for the Android OS. Say what you want about their strange commercials, but NO ONE pushes Android advertising harder than Verizon. That's why half of America calls them "Droids" no matter what carrier they're on. Quit crying people and realize that this move is good for Android as a whole. Your carrier will get the Prime soon enough. Time for Big Red to launch it this time around. Get over yourself and be happy how this is going to benefit Android all the way around.
  • Yep, good comments.
  • Amen!! Very well said.
  • nicely said!
  • Slow clap my friend, slow clap.
  • I was really hoping that this would be a universal carrier phone, and purposely covered my eyes at rumors that it would be strictly Verizon. I Hope we can see this on AT&T, I'll keep holding on false hope :P
  • With all do respect & Im NOT trolling or anything
    If those are the real spec.s it wont be more groundbreaking than the iPhone 4S (which people took as disappointment) I gotta ask , what makes the New Nexus live up to the Hype & the rumors ?
    Won't the same points used to call the iPhone 4S a fail applied here?
    I mean , its sounds like the Nexus is playing catch up with the rest of the Android phones (Hardware wise) & all what it got to show for is the Icecream Sandwich Don't get me wrong , I think the Nexus line is great , but the last one (the Nexus S) didn't rise the bar or anything like the Nexus One did Just my two cents
  • I'm thinking the same thing. I'll reserve full judgement until we see if VZW or Samsung start referring to it's features as "groundbreaking" or "magical". :P
  • The Nexus series hasn't been about setting a bar - but more to your point - about giving developers a refreshed device that they can use as a baseline for development. Much the way the Nexus S was really a barebones Galaxy-S - this looks to be a Bare bones (shittier processor) version of the Galaxy S2 with a different display. I'm not saying it's right or wrong - but other devices have always been the showcase of Android - the Nexus is about giving a groundwork for development. Case in point - you don't have to wait for Google updates to go through the Carriers - you get them straight from Google. I don't know that I'd recommend a Nexus device for those who want pizzaz -
  • All it has to show for it is ICS? Isn't ICS Android 3.0 or 4.0, the next iteration of the OS?
  • it wasnt the spec of the 4s people were dissappointed with but the fact that it looks the same and has the same screen size...if those are the nexus prime then its still betters the 4s im many areas and most importantly is a new design now if this looked just like the nexus s then it would be in the same situation as the 4s...also these are rumoured specs and one thing we learned from the 4s is that dont believe anything until the device is announced officially
  • The 720x1280 screen isn't raising the bar? Please show me another Android phone with this screen resolution because I want to go buy it today! Also, please show me another Android phone with both a 1.2GHz dual core processor and LTE. The just released Droid Bionic has a dual core processor and LTE, but it's only a 1GHz dual core processor. Show me another LTE phone as thin as the Nexus Prime looks to be. Please. Show me another Android phone with on screen buttons. This allows the Prime to look and feel like a phone with a 4.3 inch screen in day to day use, yet have the ability to look like a phone with a 4.65 inch screen when watching videos in full screen landscape mode. Not to mention, this beast will have ICS way before any other phone. Not ground breaking my ass.
  • +1000000000000000000000
  • simmer down yo. It's a phone
  • I'm taking it with the Great Salt Flats in Utah as it comes from BGR, a notoriously "blog over news" site which tends to favor Apple in every article, advertisement and "Breaking News..." alert ever posted, but here are my questions: The only reason I'm lending creedence to the concept of a Verizon only Nexus Prime is the processor - there's no other logical reason why they'd choose a TI OMAP processor over the Exynos unless it had to do with the garbage LTE implementation (this isn't a gripe specific to Verizon...I'm similarly displeased that Tmobile's 42mb/sec waste of a 4g connection requires old crap processors as well - we've hit a point that I don't care how much faster the connection is until the "cap" is 2gb comes quick at 20-40gb/sec). In any event, I thought Verizon exclusivity was relegated to a Motorola Droid Prime, that was supposed to be the arrangement with google having motorola mobility in their pocket - would make more sense than Samsung offering this exclusive to Verizon - but to everyone elses point, it's probably a limited time arrangement if anything. In other news...WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYY would Google pick Verizon unless there wasn't something else going on? They've been jacking up google devices with Bing for quite some time - unless Google is finally picking a side and taking a stand against AT&T - even this scenario makes little sense. Jack
  • See Sifu's post that was made about eight minutes prior to yours.
  • This is a silly article...Show me where TI makes an OMAP 4460 at 1.2 ghz? Why would they down clock it? If its a 4460 its gonna be 1.5 ghz. Its a tad disappointing that it isnt a 4470 which would have a comparable GPU to the iPhone 4s. Either way the new form factor looks nice, and I'm sure ICS will be great. I think when its all said and done the IP4S and the Nexus are gonna be great phones. Oh the best part is NFC and the built in support with ICS!!!
  • a phone with 4.65 inch screen? NO, thanks but no thanks. i'm happy with my Atrix's 4inch display. if I need anything bigger than that I've got an ipad. seems like i'm the only one here bothered by the display size.. well to each his own. just my opinion.....
  • It won't feel like a 4.65 inch screen. The bottom 96 pixels of the screen will be used to display the standard Android buttons. If you do the math and subtract 96 pixels from the bottom of the screen, that effectively leaves you with a 4.3 inch display with a resolution of 720x1184. So you should expect it to feel more like a 4.3 inch screen.
  • +1 I have an atrix and currently trying sgsII I picked up Sunday. The 4.3 screen may be too big. It is not as easy to hold in one the hand or type on. I will give it a few more weeks.
  • since the 4460 can run 1.5 I am surprised that they would underclock it to 1.2 I am sure that they would have good reason if this is all true. Looking forward to Tuesday to see what is what. I an very interested in this phone now. We should start a poll BTW for who believes what with the carrier(s) for this device. Personally I think that it will be LTE on VZW for a few months then other carriers will get their own. Not sure about globally though.
  • Because a 1.5GHz dual core processor and LTE might not be so good for battery life? And 1.2GHz is plenty?
  • Makes sense to me. Guess we will see. Now with GSM saying 2050 Battery, that would be insane. Doubt it is true, but would be pretty sweet if they some how fit LTE and a huge battery into that slim design they are showing off.
  • I love it when people get all worked up over rumors as if it's (1) set in stone and (2) the end of the world. Highly entertaining to me...thanks for the morning perk up!
  • Oh and one more spec... it will feel very cheap as all other Samsung devices. Not hating just saying it like it is.
  • I'm pretty sure you're hating. Just saying it like it is.
  • Sounds like a cool phone. Maybe Sprint will get one when they get their new 4G up and running...
  • I think that Verizon will get exclusive for the US carriers. That will NOT stop Google from selling this unlocked with other US and World Carrier support such as HSPA plus or more. Verizon has LTE....pretty much the only reason I think for releasing this exclusively with them. I think Verizon is the only one that will SUBSIDIZE the price of this phone = exclusive. At least that is what I am hoping for. If there is this limitation everybody is right. How can developers use this phone when most of the world is GSM? I am hoping for a HSPA variety so I can use it on AT&T.
  • I really hope you're wrong about that. Historically, Nexus devices have been available on several carriers, so I suspect that , while it may well debut on Verizon, other carriers will get it after a few weeks (but hopefully not months).
  • Verry dissapointed
    Lame specs
    Now im not so sad that im stuck with the nexus s(:
  • I think Samsung chose the wrong SoC for this phone :/ OMAP 4460 is just an overclocked 4430, and look at how badly the 4430 in the Bionic get crushed by Exynos. I doubt a jump in clock-speed will bridge the gap either. I certainly hope these specs are wrong, because if not I'm going to be severely disappointed, but at the same time very happy that I decided to go with my SGS2.
  • You guys are absolutely nuts if you consider those specs "underwhelming", what exactly were you expecting? The 4460 is a 1.5Ghz chip, and while it may be underclocked here, there will be kernels running it at 1.5Ghz+ within two weeks of release, so if the 300mhz difference is driving you nuts, relax. The part I'm more concerned about is that the 4460 retains the higher clocked SGX540 gpu over the 4430. Does it match the A5? In terms of computational ability, assuming the 4S is running at <1Ghz, it should be a bit quicker. Graphics, yeah, even though it looks like the gpu is underclocked in the 4S, its still going to beat what the omap is throwing, but regardless, there aren't enough games out there to push it anyway. But a 4.6 inch screen with 320dpi? Thats been my dream since I saw the IP4, and I don't even want to hear about pentile...
  • Well wouldn't it make more sense to pair up a higher resolution screen with a more power GPU like the mali-400?
  • Looks like I'm going to have to wait for the sharp phone to hit the US, or Just wait til next year for the tegra 3 phones. I have a feeling we will see 2012 before this phone hits At&t anyway. Also, if the battery didn't suck ass I would give this phone another chance(Atrix Owner) I need a 2000mAh at the very least.
  • You can't just compare battery sizes on phones with different processors, different screen technologies, and different versions of android. The last Nexus had a decent battery life, I'm expecting this to do ok as well.
  • I hope it is not a TI chip. Samsung's Exynos is double the speed of the one in the latest Archos 80 G9 tablet and that was the old one. Already there is a new Exynos dual core chip made with the smaller 32nm process, giving better performance and about 30% better power efficiency.
  • Why the hell would Samsung put 8mp Shooters in their GS2 phones but not in the Samsung Google Nexus? The Nexus phone is supposed to show the future of Android and hardware is included. You go out and pay big money for a phone, you want at least what is being put in the other top of the line phones. A 5mp shooter is bull shit. Ice Cream is great but you can not change the camera on a 600 dollar phone. If this phone comes with a 5mp camera I will not buy it. If they cheaped out on the camera what else did they cheap out on?? Fail in my eyes. How can you down play putting a 5mp shooter in the supposed future Android phone?? It is as bad as Apple cheaping out on their phones. It just blows my mind, the camera is one of the best features on the GS2 device, I will not buy a phone today with a 5mp shooter in it, it's just freaken ridiculous.
    PS It better have a slot for sd card.
  • Come one everyone. The source is coming from BGR, and I'm sure all of us have read BGR's blog which is an ode to everything Apple, disguised as a gadget blog. I should be called iOScentral if you ask me. Not to mention BGR was so sure the iPhone 5 was going to be released with the iPhone 4S, which as we all know ended up not happening. Put it this way when the Galaxy S was released we all new the Nexus S was the same phone. Guess what same exact specs. Just like this the Nexus Prime or whatever you want to call it is going to have the same specs as a Galaxy S II. 8MP Camera, and a 1.2 or 1.5 dual core processor. Samsung will not release a 5 MP knowing that the competition has an 8, it just doesn't make sense. Especially when your going to release it 2 days before the iPhone. We should all stop paying attention to the rumors and just use our own intelligence to figure it out.
  • Funny comments guys! This just like the NS days when its specs were announced. Whatever the final specs, this thing will be faster, and noticeably so, than the NS before it. Just like the NS is noticeably faster than the N1. Try not to get hung up on the printed specs! :) As for the phone, with a 4.6" screen, it looks to be too big for me. The NS is big enough. If they get that 4.6" screen into the same form factor as the NS, however, I'm game! My hope, really, is that Samsung and Google do a "Oh, and one more thing..." on Tuesday, and pull out a Nexus tablet. it's a long shot, I know, and it's a better than average chance it won't happen. But I can still dream....
  • You can think of it as a 4.3 inch screen since part of the screen will just be the Android buttons. It shouldn't be too big. See image below.
  • Exactly. That's what I'm hoping, that they get the 4.6" screen into the same dimensions as the NS. :) Oh, and that here is a "One more thing..." about a nexus tablet. Which I know they won't :(
  • this is just a source relax guys the event is on tuesday, but if it is a Verizon exclusive i will be extremely disappointed, for the fact that people say verizon has never gotten it, it's most likely their fault, google tried with the nexus one, but verizon decided to offer the Incredible so if anything it Verizon should not be the exclusive carrier, and btw i say sprint or tmobile should get it first, t-mobile always did, and sprint is really close with google, and since all 3 CEO's are there they will get it in my opinion, b/c for some weird reason t-mobile's is not there, hopefully sprint gets it release day or 2 weeks after at the most, if not i will get the next best sprint device, or the GS2
  • Not a single period in that post? Super run-on sentence dude. Just saying. As for the topic at hand, you really should read my earlier post, and the other posts about why this makes sense. You are implying Google and Verizon do not have a good relationship? Verizon made Droid a household word. Even Google will tell you that. Oh, and why is T-Mobile not among the CEOs to be on stage? You think that might have to do with the fact that they are trying to be bought out by AT&T? Keep up with the news, the facts, and just a little bit of sentence structure please.
  • My sentence structure should not bother you. This is the internet, not an essay. Does not matter if they are getting bought out, they could still get it, and them not being there shows that the carriers might get it all around the same time. What are the facts by the way, these are all rumors.
  • I think i would rarher buy the galaxy note
    over the nexus prime
    It has a bigger screen,better camera,and better processor!
  • I will agree with you there that the galaxy note looks very interesting. Oh wait.. let me rant, cry and complain because it has been seen with an AT&T label and not a Verizon one! Maybe all caps... THAT THING BETTER NOT GO TO AT&T CAUSE VERIZON IS MY CARRIER AND I AM MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE WHOLE WORLD. There, now I sound like so many others over the Nexus... how'd I do?
  • FUCK VZ!! i want it on day 1 on GSM!! and import it to europe@!
  • This is very upsetting if true. I looked up the TI OMAG 4460 diagram and it looks to be using the EXACT SAME GPU AS ON THE NEXUS S (sgx540). The iphone4s has the sgx543mp gpu which the ipad 2 has and it absolutely DESTROYS any GPU out there including the mali 400 in the sgs2. If this is the case it's very, very bad that they used an old GPU even if it's not necessarily bad. Unbelievable.
  • As long as the words "dual core" and "larger than 4.3" screen" appear in the specs people seem to not care about anything else.
  • That's exactly it, I'm so sick of the majority of the Android userbase with this mentality. It's like the old days of cpu's when only people paid attention to the MHZ. There are many, many other factors that affect the performance of the device from different SoCs and so on. On a side note regarding the original article stating specs are specs and that there's always something better coming; um compare to last year's Nexus S release. They have 'faster clocked' cpu's in some of the newer phones that came out this year but the SGX540 in the Nexus S still beats *ANY* HTC in performance because sgx540 > adreno 220. With a hardware accelerated UI like ICS it's more important than ever to have a powerful gpu. All of these gpu's are capable of performing well I just am upset that it seems like we're just going to get and overclocked sgx540 while the iphone4s gets the ipad2 gpu which just destroys everything out there. :(
  • I Want More Gee Bees!!!!
  • Why wouldn't they put SD slots in a developer phone? Isn't the point so developers can use the phone to test out their apps? So, now they will have to use a different phone to test whether app to SD works properly or what?
  • When I get mine, I'm going to stand in front of the Sprint store and do the old Eddie Murphy Ice Cream comedy bit. "I got some ice cream (sandwich), and you ain't got none! You can't have it, cause your on Sprint! Want a bite? PSYCH!" Then I'm going to go to the AT&T store... In all seriousness... BGR is about as trustworthy as the Weekly World News. This phone will eventually be on all carriers.
  • Don't drop it !
  • I think this image I have created will help some of you understand that despite the screen being 4.65 inches, the phone will not be huge and the screen won't feel huge. It will be like a 4.3 inch screen.
  • +1
  • Also I dont think it wil be a verizon exclusive.. I meanrt arent all three CEO's of the US's major carriers going to be present? (Excluding T-mobile)
  • 1*I'm taking it that this phone is underclocked, isn't the 4630 1.2 ghz and the 4660 supposed to be 1.5, so that's not a real big issue. With a lil dev support could possibly be knocked up to 1.8 (maybe 2.0), with a lack of bloatware.... 2*The camera, even with 5mp, only as long as the hardware is better.... lens, sensors, speed. I still think sometimes my Samsung Omnia took better pictures than my OG. But im still hoping for a 8shooter. 3*As far as radios, I'm happy Verizon passed up the galaxy II if this is our trade off :) but I would like to see this phone with CDMA and GSM, world phone baby! But if Verizon has an exclusive up front, doubt they would risk people unlocking and going to another network. But here's hoping for a nexus world edition, just be sure to include LTE. 4*I would rather have a 4.3" screen. Making one-handed phone calls while driving, or one-handed texting, is sometimes quite a reach with my thumb on my X2. This just might be my next phone, just wish I had more RAZR info, oh well, no one says I have to have it in the first week. Maybe BOGO??
  • How do u fit the lte radio in such a thin device? Nit happening
  • "he Nexus Prime will also be LTE-enabled, but the most interesting part is that it would probably boast a dual-mode GSM/CDMA radio, just like the Apple iPhone 4S."from gsmarena. now thats something i do liek to hear!!! dual-mode GSM/CDMA radio!!
  • So I can use it on AT&T when I first get it and when I switch to a different carrier I can use it there too :D
  • So with this latest update to this story, does this mean that Android Central fell for yet another rumor and ran with it!?
  • Since the title always had the word "Possibly" in it and they only spoke about how another blog is posting these "Possible" specs, and then went to continue on saying that whatever the specs are and yada yada grain of salt... I would say, No, they did not run with a rumor.
  • SMH
    Bad publicity is still publicity I suppose
  • specs will be awesome, but what i want to see is sprint on launch as a bday present fort he 15th :) from my dad, and i sent this in :D
  • AC event in San Diego eh eh?
  • BGR says one thing. GSM arena says something else. Whatever the case this Nexus will be a massive step up from my Nexus One and I cannot wait for this to be released. I just hope Google takes a leaf from the Apple book and releases the product soon after announcement and not make us wait a long time before the release. The timing of Samsung announcing the new Exynos 4212 days before the big announcement at unpacked and mentioning it will be available to "select few" makes me wonder about Google having this in the new Nexus. Remember the the teaser for the event "perfect combination" with green and blue (Samsung and Google). Well I sincerely hope the new Exynos is in this Nexus if so I'll camp 2 weeks to get this device if I have to. I am just speculating but it kinda makes sense that Google would want this to be a massive release especially with ICS and maybe finally making an Apple event look ordinary in comparison.
  • I must respond with..... PLEASE.... You verizon people get on your HIGH HORSE foaming at the mouth with your battery draining LTE NETWORK meanwhile you don't talk about your OVERPRICED UNDERSPECED DEVICES that fall short to the profolio of other carriers. Your living in a fantasy world. It's pretty funny how the best device on Verizon is something that hasn't even been announced yet that's the biggest JOKE YET. VERIZON IS A JOKE and so are there customers...
  • Wow. Pretty angry post. So it all comes down to now VZ customers are a joke? All 70+ million huh? Wow. Well, LTE does pull hard on a battery, but that's technology advancing. Batteries will get better, SW and HW more efficient. I guess the whole world was a joke for choosing LTE according to you (and yes, LTE is going to be what nearly ALL carriers globally move to... look it up...that includes all the main US carriers as well). Trust me, you won't belittle LTE when it comes to YOUR carrier. As for overpriced and underspeced... what are you comparing too? For the longest time, AT&T had the worst Android phones, and didn't even allow app sideloading. However now, all the carriers boast some pretty good choices... which I am happy about. I don't get bitter when another carrier has a good phone. We all will get good ones, so relax. As for pricing, you talking subsidized or off contract? All carriers sell'em cheap with a contract and don't if you're not. Not seeing your point. Best device on VZ is one not out yet? Aren't all the devices not out yet better than what exists today? Isn't that how tech works? Oh well, I will get OFF of my high horse now, since you told us to get on it. I would say more but I am foaming at the mouth from explaining things to an angry person with no real points to make.
  • Please, what about your Sprint "high horse"? You're one to talk. You think Sprint is completely infallible and absolutely perfect. Even though you've finally acknowledged that Sprint will be getting LTE, you fail to realize that it will be the same "battery draining" LTE that Verizon has. And as I have said many times to your ignorant a**, why do you care if Verizon has "overpriced underspeced devices"? You own absolutely 0 of anything to do with Verizon. You are a self proclaimed Sprint fanboy. Anything Verizon does has absolutely 0 impact on you. Let the Verizon customers do what they want with their hard earned money. It's their money, their choice on how to spend it. NOT yours. You Dick, are the real joke for thinking anyone thinks like you. No one is as stupid or ignorant.
  • If it doesn't have a vagina, I'll pass.
  • So you will be buying the Bliss or Rhyme then?
  • In brief, I hope the GSM arena article is the truth. If so, we will have ourselves a true beast indeed.
  • SUPPOSEDLY GSM/CDMA Dual Sim with LTE Capabilities
  • I like how everyone was like "Oh, this phone is gonna suck" then *Android Central has updated post* then Everyone's like "This phone is gonna be beast!" Make up your mind. I'm getting it either way, I mean come on, it's a Nexus, you can't really beat that.
  • Oh, and did I mention: ICE CREAM SANDWICH. You can't beat it at this point in time.
  • 1st thing a first. Does anyone here know that if you have a 4mp camera or a 10mp camera & you print out a normal size picture (3x5) they will look exactly the same.. But when the mp(megapixels) do make a difference is when you want to print oversized picture(8x10).. Most people only print around the 3x5 size. , so to them it will be great quality... Now on the next hand, I was reading a few different articles about the new Nexus phone & all said it exclusive to Verizon so it will be LTE/CDMA... 3rd, no matter what is in the phone, someone will ALWAYS complain about something, it could be the absolute perfect phone, flawless.. But there will be someone that hates it fir whatever reason. there will never be 100% happinesswith this phone.. I can't wait till it comes out, I am thinking if getting an early upgrade from my TB when the Nexus comes out.. But will probably wait a short while to see if there are any unknown bugs..
  • from GSM arena:
    "powerful dual-core GPU from Imagination." 2 core GPU. lolwut, thats shitty mate. the tegra 2 has 16 cores for video rendering, and i'm sure that the bionic has close to if not more than that. Also, (phil will understand) DROP THE EXCLUSIVE PART.
  • I believe the gsmarena specs sound more believable. I don’t think Samsung would use a different processor when they have their own beast. Unless there are 2 versions. Which then would make sense for T-Mobile 42+hspa speeds. We’ll see on the 11th.
  • Kinda looks like a maxi pad hanging there.
  • Kinda looks like a maxi pad hanging there.
  • This might sound irrelevant but one of the important features I would be interested in, for any phone for that matters, is when are they going to put a proper cooling system for these high end phones? Some might say that these are not computers and don't need it but these devices get hot after awhile with usage like watching shows, especially since they also market the phones to be entertainment devices too. I'm not saying the companies need to put a liquid cooling system or anything, but a better management of the heat system would be great cuz I'm also worried when the phone gets too hot that it'll damage some of the components that was built for heat, like the microSD card. Sorry if this seems like a weird rant, just wanted to throw it out there.
  • WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??? "Samsung and Google delay Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich debut" PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS NOT TRUE NOT SURE HOW RELIABLE THIS IS.... AND CNET CONFIRMS IT (((