Froyo for the Epic 4G coming ASAP

With news that the Samsung Vibrant may start seeing Froyo roll out as early as Jan. 21, all eyes are on the other major U.S. carriers and their news (or lack of) about the Froyo update for the rest of the US Galaxy S line of phones.  Sprint has come forward via Twitter and let everyone know they are still working closely with Samsung and will release Froyo for the Epic 4G once it meets the "rigorous testing criteria" it has for the popular handset.

Yes, I know everyone wants to hear words like "tomorrow" when we're talking Froyo for the Galaxy S, but since it has taken so long already, releasing a bug-filled update would be almost criminal.  After the latest fiasco, I think we'll be seeing Froyo very, very soon.

Speaking of Froyo and Galaxy S phones, don't forget to join us tonight on a special edition of the Android Central Podcast, where we will be discussing the whole "Froyo on the U.S. Galaxy S phone mess" in depth,  See you at 9 EST. [@sprint]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Please call it FROYOGATE!
  • See, taking things public gets results. Power to the people!
  • Exactly. Sammy and Motorola tripping all over themselves to get the word out, all of a sudden.
  • By results I assume you mean the same thing we've been hearing since last year, right? This solves nothing, it just placates us while they "Work on the problem"
  • I'm an Epic 4G user, and I've committed myself to the notion that if Froyo were not pushed to my device by the end of this month, I would root and update myself. Having read this, however, I've decided to wait until 2-10, the day after the big WebOS announcement.
  • I love thier statement "rigorous testing criteria." If that were the case, why are there any bugs at all? Why didn't sammys GPS work right out of the box? So I call BUNK on that BS statement.
  • This is Sprint's response to the issues with the Canadian phones. Sprint were the ones who put the kibosh on pushing Froyo to the Epic due to the problems Canadian users were having. After the first two test builds were (accidentally?) pushed last year, Sprint got feedback from their field testers and decided that Froyo wasn't ready, and have been pushing Samsung to fix things and finish up. Sprint is responding to pressure from their customer base to get Froyo out, but they do NOT want the PR nightmare of having the Canadian release fiasco repeated here, on their network. If they can avoid it, at the very least, they can make sure whatever bugs existed in the Canadian phones are gone (and we'll have our own set of bugs to deal with, I'm sure).
  • Again, to me, this is all as issue about transparency. With this and other blogs all over any news they can get (which is a good thing), it's become more important to be forthright to a degree about what's happening. One question though. How could Sprint's "rigorous testing criteria" be any more rigorous than any other carriers? I also call BS.
  • I think its interesting that tmo mentioned that their goal to get these updates in 3-5 months from when google releases it. Someone finally realized that the software an android phone is running is a big selling point and customers do CARE.I bet you carriers really didn't care and just had some intern in a basement working on these. Maybe now they'll dedicate some real resources to getting us the latest versions in a timely manner. What is really sad is I bet you Sprint only issued this statement because tmo did today. Why didn't they say this yesterday? At the end of the day, they don't care about getting the info to customers, they only care about how they look versus the competition. Sad......
  • Like I said not an idiot, ill believe it when I see it
  • Let's all practice together... DEEEEP BREATH....AND HOLD!
  • B**S**t so you're telling me you released these phones without any testing? how do you explain so many bugs and problems???? Why can't Samsung at least be honest about the whole thing?? No one is stupid enough to believe this crap and I find this sort of comments offensive since I TOO have a brain. YOU ARE PUTTING ALL OF YOUR RESOURCES DEVELOPING NEW PHONES AND THATS THE UGLY TRUTH! I f* hate this company and although I find their tvs to be the best I WILL NOT EVER EVER buy another product from them.
  • +1
  • +1
  • This is not about Android, it's about Samsung and Sprint. Android is software, just like Windows is software. You are free to load any version of Android you like on your phone, but the manufacturer and carrier try to make it difficult.
  • Yes, but that's Jobs' point: fragmentation. Fragmentation at the level of handset manufacturers and carriers. How do laptop manufacturers in the Windows space differentiate themselves? Cool design, battery life, value, etc. They don't do it -- at least not recently -- by mucking with the OS. Consequently, you can get an OS or patch or update on day 1 when Microsoft has a new release. If something similar doesn't happen in the Android space, it will become a platform for hackers and users who don't care about keeping current. Since I own the Epic, I will root and mod since that's the only rational approach for those of us who are capable.
  • ASAP can mean any time, as in 6 months! Froyo was supposed to have been out by the end of 2010 and it never made it. So if their original info was bogus, why should be think ASAP means anything? Samsung and KISS MY BUTT!! Not just because of the late updates, but also because they put out hardware that doesn't work as it's suppose too. GPS is nothing new and it should have been working from the get go!! There's no reason that some consumers (Look at Vibrant and Captivate owner) have to resort to taking their phones apart to get the GPS working. Samsung should have replaced the faulty hardware!
  • I just think its funny how teams like cyanogen, and other small dev teams manage to put great, awesome roms out while a full team of sprint, and Samsung still cannot get it together. Haha.
  • this is only question that should be on every Samsung Galaxy S owners mind.
  • If the manufacturers are getting the OS for free then it would be on their best interest to use the money that they would traditionally have to pay a company like Microsoft back into making this the best user experience as possible. They certainly are not putting it into premium materials.
  • Am I the only one that noticed that one of the tags for this blog post is "spic 4g"?
  • ROFL
  • typo, I assure you :) And fixed
  • Ima hold out for official Froyo but after that ima do custom roms. I cant play the waiting game again. Still waiting for flash on my pre!
  • me too. thats like a year late. if i promised to give someone something "soon," i would be an A-hole if it turned out to be 6 months right?
  • yea right, I'll believe it when i see it. psssshhhhhhhhhh
  • ...I know u guys will LAUGH @ me BUT,i have a EPiC4G and what is so GREAT about FROYO.
  • No, we'll just ignore you.
  • ...thats cold.
  • Epic 4G users: We want to assure you that Froyo for the Epic 4G is still in the works. Sprint works very closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure that we deliver the best possible customer experience on our wireless devices. We approve the release of software updates when a new software version provided by the manufacturer can bring a better overall customer experience on the device. It is our intention to bring these updates to our customers as quickly as possible but only after they meet our rigorous testing criteria. We can't provide any guidance on an exact or estimated release date at this time, but please know we are working to get Froyo out for the Epic as quickly as possible.
  • "Official statement" which still doesn't say anything...
  • I've been running Froyo on Epic for a week now and it's very fast with no issues. It seems like the only issue is Sprint trying to get the new bloatware loaded.
  • Been running DK28 (the leaked one) for the last couple days, and it's great, EXCEPT my task kiler can no longer kill the DRM protected content proces without it resurrecting, which is a big problem, since that pocess really chews the sh*t out of my battery. Also, my alarm clock inexplicably no longer goes off, which is actually pretty annoying. If 'real' froyo addresses these issues, I will be placated. But, sorry, samsung, after this awful escapade, I'm swearing fealty to HTC from now on.
  • Are they still using rfs instead of ext4 on DK28?
  • I would tend to agree that this might be an issue of Sprint getting compatibility issues worked out with the bloatware. I have had my Epic for a little over a month and I'm flat frustrated with it.
    Only ONLY ONLY thing that's kept me with it is the keyboard and that beautiful screen. The camera is pretty amazing too.
    My best friend has the EVO and when I was playing with it, showing her how to tweak android, I was totally disappointed in the screen. Her camera stinks too. AND VIDEO??? Forget it!! For some reason, Samsung's inferior hardware (on the camera) just kills the higher resolution of the HTC. Now if Sprint and Samsung (who is notoriously bad at promptly updating their hardware) would just get moving, I think we'll all be a lot happier.
    I'm reluctant to pop the DK28 in there. I think I'm going to stick with the OTA on this first one. Maybe after I get that going and see how it works, I'll try to get 2.3...but I'm sure I'll be just fine with Froyo.
  • I don't know what's Sprint's problem. I've been running 2.2 (from XDA) flawlessly for a couple of months now.