Since it's Friday (yeah!) we have some cool bit of news for you guys. It's not everyday we hear about a celebrity/athlete/personality using a T-Mobile G1 so when we do, we pay close attention. Crackberry can have their celeb sightings because we'll take the biggest (literally) star on the planet: Shaquille O'neal!

There's a great story about some normal guys' experience with meeting Shaq, the realness of Shaq's twitter account, and Shaq's surprising interest in technology,  that mentions this tidbit:

As I pulled out my phone to take a picture he snatched it out of my hand and inspected it. "What's this got? Windows Mobile?" He gave it the once over before handing it back and showing off his Google Phone.


I loved Shaq before, but now knowing that he's a fellow Android user?! Imagining his huge hands trying to type on the G1 keyboard? Complaining about the 'chin'? The possibilities are endless. In the end, it makes a lot of sense. T-Mobile has a huge NBA presence and many athletes have proclaimed their love for Sidekicks and the G1 is just a natural extension from there. Obviously, we'll never hear his stance on Open Source OS's but Shaq using a "Google Phone". Instant credibility. Sort of.

The story is a pretty good read if you're interested. And if you're not, it's Friday!