From the forums: Should you buy the Galaxy Note 9 or S9+?

If you're looking to buy a large Android smartphone, two of your best options right now are the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9+. Both of these devices have proven to be some of the best the year has to offer, and when stacked next to each other, it can be difficult to decide which one you should buy.

This is a topic our AC forum members have been rather talkative about as of late, and without further ado, here's what they've got to say on the matter.

Note 9 unless you can get an awesome discount on the s9 plus.


Depending on the size and form factor you prefer. Note 9 is outstanding. It is a bit bigger overall than the S9Plus. If you like a big phone, go for it.


I have both phones. For the S9+, I have the US unlocked model and it's easily giving me two days of standby with 5-6 hrs screen time. I have the AT&T Note 9 and it too is easily giving me the same usage stats as my S9+. I do not regret owning both. Amazing performance on both phones.


I'd say it depends on your preferences. If you want a bigger battery, a bigger screen and a stylus, I would recommend the Note 9. The S9+ has a smaller battery (but it's still pretty big, at 3500 mAh); and it will probably be at a back-to-school discount now/it may drop down in price due to the Note 9 coming out. Keep us posted!


What say you? Should you buy the Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy S9+?

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