From the forums: New Epic 4G launch rumor

Another day, another rumored date for the Sprint Epic 4G. That rumored Aug. 11 date doesn't look like it's going to happen (we never thought that was right anyway), and we freely admit the whole Epic 4G-movie tie-in thing is a stretch. So let's move on to a new date, shall we?

Powrman811 in our forums brings word that Aug. 21 is a date we should look out for, writing "MY GO TO SPRINT PEOPLE told me that I can order my store inventory on August 16th and sell on the 21st." And he shows of the Epic 4G you see above as proof that, well, he's seen the Epic 4G. Of course, so have we, so take that however you like. But it is nice to have a new date to kick around, right?

As always, we'll believe it when we see it. But for now, hash it out in the forums. [Android Central Forums]

Update: And the posts have been deleted. Take that however you want.

Phil Nickinson