<img class="lightbox image-large" right size-medium wp-image-1831" title="picture-1" src="/articleimages/2009/01/picture-1-250x300.png" alt="" width="250" height="300" />If you are at CES in Las Vegas, drop on by the BlackBerry booth 36206, South Hall, for a demo of FlyCast. FlyCast is a FREE service for your mobile device that streams internet radio and talk radio. It currently supports BlackBerry, the iPhone, and iPod Touch, but according to Kim Hermanson of FlyCast, Android support is coming very soon!

There are numerous improvements coming to FlyCast, but in a nutshell, here are some notable ones:

  1. Android/G1 support! T-Mobile G1 users will soon be able to download FlyCast from the App Market. Check out some images of FlyCast in action right here.
  2. A desktop version of FlyCast for PC & MAC is available for download now. You can get it here.
  3. Updated program guide so you can see "What's On Now" and the ability to use StreamShift to join a broadcast at any point in the stream.
  4. Unlimited song-skipping for over 300 channels.
  5. Facebook Connect - log in with your Facebook ID and post your streams to your Facebook page.
  6. AccuWeather.com - FlyCast Main Guide supports an automatic link to your local weather.
  7. AAC+ and Windows Media Support.
Check out the press release for more detailed information about FlyCast enhancements. Thanks to Kim Hermanson of FlyCast for the information!