Fixmo SafeWatch

Fixmo is a name we usually associate with enterprise mobile risk management solutions or government agency IT (they also make some great BlackBerry apps), but that also have a pretty comprehensive Android application in the works. Their upcoming SmartWatch app is designed to help folks like you and me to protect our device, our personal data, and our privacy.

It's more than just an Android malware scanner. If that's all they had to offer, we would just lump them in with the rest and move on. The malware scanner is included, but when coupled with things like call and SMS filtering and remote lock, locate, and wipe, SafeWatch is certainly worth a look. Check out the features.

  • Anti-virus scanning
  • Unsecure Wifi network alerts
  • Backup/restore of your personal contacts and photos
  • SMS/Call filtering
  • Locate, lock or wipe a lost or stolen device
  • Flag certain contacts in your address book as "private", hiding the phone logs and SMS messages to and from them
  • Make a device "scream" through a simple web-based console
  • Trigger device camera to send back a photo of what it can see through a simple web-based console
  • "Anti-loss triggers" that can detect certain behaviors that may suggest your device is lost or stolen, and automatically lock your phone and send you an alert so you can react before something bad happens.

It sounds like something many of us could use, from a company that big business and the government has trusted for years. The app is coming to Google Play soon for a monthly subscription fee, but Fixmo is offering Android Central readers a chance to join an exclusive beta program and try the app themselves today. Folks who get in on the beta also get a year of free service. Hit the link below and sign up to try. They are only accepting 500 users into the beta, so get in quickly if you're interested.

Sign up for the Fixmo SafeWatch beta