Firefox for Android tablets nightlies now available for download

Back a few weeks we told you about Mozilla's new Android tablet build of Firefox, and we're happy to report that nightly builds are now available for download.  Be warned -- when Mozilla says nightlies, they mean it.  These are going to be far from finished and lack a lot of polish, but it's the perfect way to share current builds, and Mozilla's open-development system allows us all to contribute to finishing things up.  My early tests are pretty positive.  Things are a little slow, but the latest build renders everything beautifully across the full set of SPE sites (and we use some serious code on our desktop versions).  I'll have no problem using this as my main browser while on my tablet, and will be running the nightlies to see how they progress.

If you're wanting to get in on the testing (and the more the merrier) hit the source link and install as you would any other Android app.  What Mozilla needs the most right now is feedback on the UI and operation, and if you fancy yourself a developer, they have a bug list ready for some attention. 

Source:; via AndroidGuys

Download the latest nightly build here

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • But will it support flash? Seeing as how the phone version is slow, lacks web browsing necessities and lacks customization I don't see the tablet ver being better but here's to hoping.
  • Ya, that's my main issue with it. No flash support and not that fast. Dolphin HD has it beat in both areas right now.
  • Crashes on my Tab 10.1. Won't launch at all
  • It did the same on my tab, but I went to apps and forced stopped and cleared the cache. It booted up right after that.
  • Works OK on Asus Transformer. I love Firefox for windows, but Opera mini is still a bit better for android on my view.