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Final Fantasy VII Remake is a massive game, and one of the best games of the year so far. We're back with another guide to help you get the most out of it!

Moggie the Moogle is here to spread joy across all of Gaia... well, sort of anyway. This cute kid runs the Moogle Emporium, a place to spend all those Moogle Medals you've been collecting. He says people love collecting Moogle Medals, so by trading them to him, he can sell them to these collectors, bringing joy to everyone in the process. Given some of his merchandise, the kid's claim might not be so far fetched either!

Moogie the Moogle?

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Inspired by Mog the Moogle, a character from a famous fairy tale, Moogie just wants to spread happiness to everyone in the slums — well, that and make some money for the orphans. Moggie is a new character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and he is here to sell you some really amazing items.

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But Moogie doesn't take Gil like the rest of the merchants. He is looking for Moogle Medals. By the time you meet Moogie, in Chapter 8, you will likely have picked up at least a few Moogle Medals, but if you haven't, don't worry. There are plenty of opportunities to earn the currency of the Moogle Emporium.

Moogle Emporium

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The Moogle Emporium Moogie's little shop where you can buy some exclusive merchandise with Moogle Medals. Between his first location in Chapter 8 and a second appearance in Chapter 14, you can get exclusive weapons, items for side quests, and 10 additional SP for each character on your team. If you don't plan on spending much time farming, I suggest prioritizing the SP books. Each of these costs five Moogle Medals, but they grant their respective character 10 additional SP. There are lots of useful items though and Moogle Medals are pretty easy to farm, so it's not hard to buy out the shop:

Item Use Moogle Medals
Moogle Membership Card Allows you to shop at the Moogle Emporium 1
20. Golden Saucer Adds a song to your collection 1
Ether Restores 20 MP 2
Silver Staff Weapon for Aerith (Sorcerous Storm) 2
Whistlewind Scarf Start battle with some ATB 3
Salvation Badge Boosts healing when HP is 25% or lower 1
Graveyard Key Used for side quest: Paying Respects 1
The Art of Swordplay - Vol. I Grants Cloud 10 SP 5
Sharpshooter's Companion - Vol. I Grants Barret 10 SP 5
Way of the Fist - Vol. I Grants Tifa 10 SP 5
Telluric Scriptures - Vol. I Grants Aerith 10 SP 5
Turbo Ether Fully restores MP 2
Elixir Fully restores HP and MP 8
Steel Princers Weapon for Barret (Charging Uppercut) 7
Enfeeblement Ring Start battle with toad status 1
Moogle's Mortar Ingredient for side quest: Secret Medicine 1

Moogle Medals

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If you haven't amassed enough Moogle Medals by the time you meet Moogie, don't worry. They're pretty easy to come by just by playing the game. Whenever you see Shinra boxes, be sure to slice them open. They have a chance of hiding Moogle Medals. Moogle Medals will also occasionally be given as rewards for completing quests. However, if you have a little time to spare, you can farm all the medals you need shortly after meeting Moogie in Chapter 8. If you complete the side quest: Kids on Patrol, you will unlock a minigame called Whack-a-Box. Whack-a-Box is free to play and grants a number of prizes, including a Moogle Medal for every playthrough. It's super easy; just follow these steps:

  1. Talk to Sarah, the girl at the back of the Children's Secret Hideout.
  2. Press X to select Yes.

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  3. Attack the boxes to score points. The more points a box, the more durable it is. Hint: target the 1500 Boxes with your Abilities.

    Ff7 Remake Whack A BoxSource: Android Central

  4. Keep an eye out for red timer boxes. These aren't worth points but will add time to your clock.

    Ff7 Remake Whack A Box BoxesSource: Android Central

  5. Continue attacking boxes until you run out of time.

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  6. Repeat until you have enough Moogle Medals.

Depending on how many Moogle Medals you've picked up along the way, this could take a little while. However, you get one Moogle Medal for every play, and there are a few other items you can win for getting high scores. It takes a total of 50 Moogle Medals to buy all the items from Moogie in both Chapter 8 and Chapter 14, so make sure you get enough to buy everything you want. And be sure to check out our other Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides!

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