Fido announces LTE launch this summer

Fido has announced that they will be launching LTE service in Canada starting this summer. Their first markets will include Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and St. Johns, with lots more on the way, such as Quebec City, Kingston, Kitchener-Waterloo, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Victoria, and others.  

Seeing as Fido is a subsidiary of Rogers, which has been on a huge LTE expansion, it's mostly just a matter of offering affordable LTE-enabled devices. Though Fido doesn't go so far as to name which phone they'll be launching LTE with, the Xperia Ion is a safe bet considering Rogers already has it, and the phone's made a name for itself as the inexpensive LTE device. The first device will be a mobile hotspot, with proper phones coming later this year, and of course anyone bringing in an unlocked LTE phone from another carrier can just use one of Fido's new SIM cards.

How many Canadians here are on Fido? Which LTE phone would you like to see made available? 

Source: CNW

Simon Sage
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