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Feedly welcomes 3 million Google Reader refugees with app updates

Feedly, the heir apparent to the throne of RSS, has announced that it's brought onboard some 3 million Google Reader users since Google announced the mothballing of that service a couple of weeks ago. What's more, today sees the launch of a new version of the Feedly app for Android -- and iOS -- with new search and layout features. Most notably, a new search engine has been rolled out with access to over 50 million news feeds.

Google+ sharing support is baked in, and directly accessible from Feedly's own sharing menu. In addition, you can now choose whether you want to hide read articles from the menu dropdown in list view, just like the web-based view. Existing Feedly users should appreciate an improvement in performance, too. Finally, there's a new layout for the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and certain Samsung Galaxy handsets.

So there's a lot to get stuck into. If you're already using Feedly, hit the Google Play Store to grab the latest update. Alternatively you can use the Google Play button above.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • newsblur for life.
  • Looks great ... but Feedly is currently free and does everything I need. Newsblur has suspended all free accounts and forces you to pay to use.
  • They moved the webview icon into Menu options :( i prefer it as previous verson.
  • hey can you change this in the options, change the favorite sharing tool in advanced options to browser!
  • They also claimed 3 million users, when the Google Play store says they only have a third of that. Maybe the rest are all on IOS....?
  • iOS + using it solely on their computers... you know, those big heavy things with the attached keyboards and either Windows, OSX or Linux installed?
  • I cringe when I read about "new" layouts for the Nexus 7. I hope Feedly doesn't botch things like Eye in the Sky Weather recently did.
  • Meh. I switched to Google Currents instead. I really don't see the big fuss over Reader.
  • Currents is NOTHING at all Like Reader, but if you were a Feedly user you might not know the difference since they both insist on pushing tons of picture in your face. You would be astounded how fast you can blast thru a ton of feeds if you don't have to wade thru meaningless pictures. But if you are a "Oh look at the pretty pictures" sort of reader I can see why you would not be impressed by Reader. When I asked Feedly how to suppress picture loading they were totally befuddled as to why anyone would want to do that. Sigh...
  • People laugh when I say this, but for my phone, I still just use NewsRob. It's old, rarely updated at all anymore, and isn't the prettiest. But it presents my feeds like you are requesting. Simple vertical scrolling list with big titles and a short beginning of the article's text; and if you want the pictures in all their glory, you simply, uh, open that specific article. It's the older-fashioned model of RSS feeds, I guess. When I had a 10-inch tablet (Transformer Prime), I enjoyed Currents more. But still, on my phone, the Galaxy Nexus, NewsRob still beats Currents/Feedly/whathaveyou. Hope you've found one you like, but if not, try NewsRob.
  • Except I still can't get it to sync cross platform between the browser app and the phone. So until they can get it to real time sync, I'll stick with RSSOwl I guess. Not my favorite either, but I tried them all (even paid for Newsblur) and they all have the same non-sync problem.
  • Really chaotic app. Menu and pictures.
  • Can't understand all the praise for Feedly. Tried it but was just a jumbled mess - trying too hard to be artistic and hip IMO. I prefer a simple layout - just a big list of feeds - either all or by individual as my choice. Try as I might I just can't seem to get this simple thing working in Feedly. Tried EasyRSS and it rocks! But uses Google Reader API so not sure what they're gonna do ...