Fed up of April Fools? Win a HTC One M8 with O2 UK

It's April Fools Day and we're seeing a lot of fun posts from a lot of different sources. British carrier, O2, is getting in on the act but they're actually including something you might be interested in. For within the post about the "Selfie Filter" there is actually a giveaway for today only that can net you a brand new HTC One M8.

Hit the source link below to read the full post, but the bit you'll be interested most in is the download link. Click that and you'll be told that the Selfie Filter isn't real – shock horror! – but that until 6pm today you can enter to win a HTC One M8. Which is pretty darn fine at taking those selfies with that 5MP front facing camera.

Update: Maybe O2 double-trolled everyone, the competition form appears to have stopped taking entries. Sigh!

Source: O2

Richard Devine