Eyes on the front of the Sprint Galaxy Nexus

So here's the thing about the Sprint Galaxy Nexus: It's a Galaxy Nexus. On Sprint. We can only show you the front of it here, because that's all we were allowed to take pictures of. And it looks just lke the front of the Galaxy Nexus. In fact, we're not even going to tell you whether the blurry one is the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, or the GSM Galaxy Nexus. Doesn't matter here.

While we weren't allowed to take a picture of the back of the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, nobody's stopping us from telling you about it. It looks like the back of a Galaxy Nexus, with a Sprint logo. But the fact that we weren't allowed to record it in digital form makes us think that could possibly change. Anyway, there you go. 

A few more less-than-ideally-lit shots after the break.

OK, OK. The blurry one is the Sprint one. 

Phil Nickinson