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It's hard to imagine, but the era of the dot com boom has been over for a good while. And yet, big companies continue to shell out huge sums for even the most obscure .com domains while the vast majority of startups settle for awkward variations on their brand for a website name.

And why? Conditioning, mostly. Businesses flock toward .com and .net extensions because they've always been there. But they're far from the best option anymore, especially for those working in the vast tech sector. Because .tech domains are not only here, they're wide open.

Think about it: ".com" is shorthand for "commercial," and that casts a wide net. With a .tech domain extension, customers already have a clear picture of what you do and a strong impression that you're on the cutting edge. It's perfect for a wide but targeted range of commercial sectors: Web development, app development, medical innovations, gaming, robotics, gadget review sites – the list goes on.

The best part? That domain name won't just be distinctive because of the ending. The availability for .tech domain extensions is still very much wide open, which means no more shoehorning your brand into the usual internet word soup, just because it was the only thing not taken. Instant recognition, and instant identification with the specialized field you're working in. Needless to say, the boost in search engine optimization comes with the territory.

You can search here to see which domains are available on .tech. And, you can even get deep discounts on .tech domain extensions, too—as low as $7.99 for one year.

Prices are subject to change.