Evernote gets new widgets in latest update

Evernote has received a sizable update, bumping it up to version 7.2. Included in the update are a number of new widgets to make capturing your thoughts and notes easier right from the home screen. While Evernote has always had a widget, these new widget options expand upon the functionality, and make things even easier. The new widgets are Actions, Action Bar and List. Each widget has a purpose behind it, and that is:

  • Actions widget (1×1) – Need quick access to a note, the camera, or search? Pull your favorite feature out of the app into a single, dedicated icon to just start doing whatever it is you need to do.
  • Action bar (4×1) – Select from 11 different actions to create your personal best-of-Evernote functions.
  • List widget (4×2) – Shortcuts to key actions of your choosing as well as a list of notes. The source of the notes is up to you. Designate a specific notebook, use recent notes to hop into what you were just editing, or populate it with your reminders to stay on top of to-do's.

Additionally, Evernote is introducing Simple Notes. With these, you'll be able to just jump in and write so you can get back to what you were doing previously. You can download the Evernote update from Google Play now.

Source: Evernote