The Essential Phone has left a lot to be desired since its release last month, but regular software updates have slowly been resolving one of the device's biggest pain points — its camera. Essential just announced that it's pushing out a new software update for the device and Essential Camera app, and there are some big promises being made this time around.

For starters, Essential says that this latest update will improve the brightness of photos and the quality of shots taken in low-light scenarios. Low-light performance is definitely one of the Essential Phone's weaker points when it comes to the camera, so any upgrades here are greatly appreciated.

Along with this, Essential is also promising a 40% faster capture rate for regular and low light photography. That's a substantial increase, and one that we're sure many will be thankful to have considering that the Essential Phone's camera has never been considered a fast performer.

40% faster capture speed should be a substantial improvement.

Essential is also throwing in some improvements for its 360 Camera attachment, including spatial sound when shooting 360-degree footage (supported locally and on Facebook and YouTube), a countdown timer, and the ability to use the volume rocker as a shutter button when you're in 360 mode.

As for future updates, Essential says that it's working on adding more HDR upgrades, the ability to livestream in 360 to Facebook and Periscope, filters and animated stills for 360-degree footage, as well as a Portrait and Pro Mode.

The latest software update will change your build number to NMI81C, and once you've done that, be sure to update the Essential Camera app through the Play Store to ensure that you're able to access all of the new goodies that are included here.

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