Eric Schmidt: Google is 'absolutely committed' to Google TV, expect more partners soon

In Edinburgh, Scotland today Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt told listeners at a television festival that Google is fully committed to continuing and expanding the Google TV project, both with new content providers as well as new hardware OEMs. 

We're absolutely committed to staying, to improving Google TV. I believe that they're [Sony and Logitech] both going to be on board and I believe there are many more coming. Wait shortly for an announcement.

Schmidt also said Friday that he expects Google TV to launch in Europe early next year, hopefully without the issues they have seen with the US televisions networks.  Google is currently in talks with UK television providers, trying to keep the current stalemate they have with NBC, CBS, and ABC regarding content from happening for viewers in the UK. 

Additionally, the questions about Motorola and their set-top box division arose, and Schmidt said that he could not talk about those plans in detail at the moment, but they had "interesting ideas" about how it could help Google TV.

It looks like the questions everyone was asking were addressed, and Google is actually going to try the "big push" with Google TV.  Bring it, I say.

Source: Reuters

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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