If you're interested in unique, Android-powered e-readers, the Entourage Edge is a great place to start. It's a dualbook meaning it has an e-ink screen on one side and a LCD on the other. We briefly saw the Entourage Edge at CES but as it was in non-working order, we couldn't really get a feel for the dual-screen device. Luckily, Laptop Magazine has reviewed the Edge and comes away decently impressed (but not without reservation). Here are the highlights:

  • It's heavy and when open, can get hot
  • You can fold the screens back to back
  • You can highlight and mark notes on the e-ink screen with included stylus
  • Page turns are slow
  • Runs Android 1.6 but has no access to Android Market

It seems like the Entourage Edge is a solid start, it'll soon get better if updates that'll add Android 2.0, Flash lite, webcam functionality, an app store, and bluetooth connectivity are delivered as promised. We're excited to see if the Edge can succeed. What do you guys think? Hit the link for the full review