Wireless headphones are here to stay. One by one, phone manufacturers are removing the trusted 3.5mm headphone jack from their latest flagship devices as wires are replaced by a Bluetooth connection. Many people are resistant to this because, for the longest while, Bluetooth headphones were very expensive. But there are deals to be had!

That's why you need to take advantage of this great offer by from Android Central Digital Offers. You can get these sleek looking wireless over-ear headphones from 1Voice for just $22.99. These are perfect for your daily commute or for wearing around the office, delivering 5 hours of your favorite music on a single charge. They include awesome features including a built-in mic and full track and volume controls on the side so you can control your music and answer calls without touching your phone.

It takes two hours to charge them fully, but if you don't mind a wired connection there's a 3.5mm cable included for listening music the old fashioned way.

The 1Voice Sonic Bluetooth Headphones typically sold for around $100, but you'll save 76% thanks to this deal from Android Central! But don't delay — this deal won't last long!

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