Endomondo adds Pebble support and more in latest update

Workout tracking app Endomondo has been updated, adding support for the Pebble smartwatch. Pebble support lets you keep track of your workouts right from your wrist.

Endomondo on Pebble gives you a number of controls and readouts for your workouts. You can start, pause, and stop a workout right from your smartwatch. You can also view up to three different stats on your Pebble, including distance covered, duration, and speed. If you want, your Pebble will vibrate on your wrist when you hit a certain distance or have been running for a certain amount of time.

This update also adds support for the Jabra Pulse headset. Pulse support lets you stop and start workouts with the Sports button on the accessory, and hitting that button can also fetch the data on your Endomondo workout screen.

Endomondo has also added a new Challenge feature. Users can now create their own challenges right in the app and send them right to their friends.

The latest version of Endomondo should be rolling out on the Google Play Store right now.