Emmy voters will now view nominated shows via Chromecast instead of DVDs

Google's Chromecast is about to help pick television's next stars. As part of a new deal with Television Academy, Emmy voters will receive Chromecasts on which to view Emmy nominated shows with a dedicated, voter-only mobile app and website.

From Television Academy:

Chromecast provides members with the option to enhance the viewing experience of Emmy-nominated content as the Academy launches its new, members-only, online viewing platform. The thumb-sized, media-streaming Chromecast devices enable members to "cast" videos from the Television Academy mobile apps and viewing website directly to the big screen in their homes.

Television Academy is quick to tout this as a green initiative, helping to do away with wasteful distribution of DVDs to voting members — as has been the norm in the past. Presumably, using a Chromecast to stream content to televisions will also help cut down on piracy as well.

Source: Television Academy

Dan Thorp-Lancaster