Hi. I'm Phil.

It wasn't quite a vacation. It wasn't even what I'd consider to be complete days off. But a couple days mostly away from keyboard, and worrying not so much about work is a good thing. I managed not to overdo the turkey too badly. Or the stuffing. Or the mashed potatoes. Or the roasted vegetables my grown-up self actually likes. Or the cheesecake. Or the wine. And I managed to continue my brief runs. And spend some time with the wife and kids and the rest of our family here.

All in all, a pretty successful holiday. But there are a few things worth thinking about.

  • We're a month and a half into the Lollipop era. And folks are already losing perspective. Some devices have been updated already — faster than ever. Some haven't. There are obvious kinks that need to be worked out. Not the end of the world either way.
  • Of course folks are going all ape-shit over the new Star Wars trailer. You expected anything else?
  • Gotta love the Lego version, though.
  • Florida State is still overrated. But does that matter if they keep winning?
  • On the other hand, if ever there was a space with a lack of perspective, it's college football. Pay the kids. Or require them to actually get a real education.
  • Happy to see most folks didn't take the bait on the latest app permissions FUD scare last week. (And never mind the "correction," which is as half-assed as the original post.) I'm tired of having to explain that over and over — The Next Web's Owen Williams does a good job with this one.
  • So many Chicken Littles out there.
  • $99 is what the HTC RE camera should have been priced from the start. The sale is on for another day or so.

OK. We'll keep it short this week. Back to work on Monday. Good things are afoot.

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