I'm spending all day on an airplane. Maybe not my favorite thing to do on a Sunday, but there are worse ways to get from Point A to Point B, for sure.

And as is the tendency when I end up at 35,000 feet for the better part of a Sunday, I'm going to spend most of it working. Writing, actually. But let's also open things up a bit. Have a burning question? Ask away in the comments. I've got hours to kill, in-seat power, and a phone full of music.

But before we do that ... a few quick thoughts on things:

  • The most amazing thing about this Sprint vs. T-Mobile "ghetto" thing isn't that it happened. People say dumb things all the time. Lord knows I do.
  • I don't blame the woman who said it. I don't even blame CEO Marcelo Claure, who was sitting next to her. That was a marketing and PR blunder, pure and simple. We've all said dumb things that never should have left the room they were uttered in.
  • No, what's amazing is the restraint T-Mobile CEO John Legere showed (or that his people got him to show) in not responding to it. That's as classy as it was smart.
  • Did I really see people write that the HTC 10 is gimmick-free?
  • In the past several weeks I've hopped from the Galaxy S7 to the LG G5 to the HTC 10 and now the Huawei P9. And I have absolutely zero doubt which phone is the best.
  • This week's podcast was all about the HTC 10. Last week's was all about the LG G5. That means we've missed out on emails and voicemails. We're making up for it in our upcoming episode.

And with that, have at me. What do y'all want to know?