Phil Nickinson

We've got another fall CTIA event in the books. By most accounts, this one was pretty much a snoozer, even more so than the other "apps and enterprise"-focused events of the past. Hopefully the non-media folks got more out of it than we did. Up next is the Oct. 24 U.S. launch event for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. And then ... Nexus event? Let's hope so.

And now, with apologies to SI writer Peter King, some things I think I think:

  • We finally can post directly to the Android Central Google+ page from the Android app. It's not perfect -- having to log out first, then log back in, and then choose which page to post to is a bit of a chore, but it's better than nothing.
  • Along that front, we're going to start posting more event photos there -- of things other than phones and tablets. We've started with some of the fun things from San Diego last week. See if you spot any old friends.
  • By the way, we banged out a quick podcast on Friday, rounding up what we know about the LG Nexus stuff. It was kind of nice to not do it live, and to not worry about video. But we'll be back to our normal selves this week.
  • I'm officially excited for a new Nexus. Yes. Even if it's LG. And maybe especially because it's LG. Like Jerry wrote last week, folks need to let stuff go sometimes. But, hey. It's your ulcer. Not mine.
  • We're finally spitting our headlines onto App Dot Net. (That's Twitter for those who hate Twitter.) I'm on there as well. Just cross-posting from Twitter, though.
  • I finally got some face time with the HTC One VX. If you're on AT&T and are in the market for something a little cheaper and more traditionally shaped than the One X, give it a look-see. The qHD resolution looks surprisingly good on that thing.
  • Finally got to play with the RAZR M as well. Not a bad little phone. Also not true "edge to edge."
  • Will we see a tweaked Nexus 7 before or after Apple's Oct. 23 iPad Mini event?

Enjoy your Sunday, everybody. It's back to work on Monday.