Echo Pass is coming to Echo VR — here's everything you can earn this season

Echo Vr Echo Pass Cover
Echo Vr Echo Pass Cover (Image credit: Ready at Dawn)

What you need to know

  • Echo VR is getting huge new customization options for players to earn through play or via a premium tier.
  • Echo Pass Season 1 will include 50 items to unlock and will launch in the coming months.
  • This is not a pay-to-win scheme since all items are solely for customization.

Echo VR is getting its first huge update since Echo VR on Oculus Quest launched in May 2020. Echo Pass represents the first season of epic rewards and loot for gamers looking to further customize their Echo chassis in the game and features content that can be unlocked with Tier Experience Points (TXP). Currently, Echo VR on Oculus Quest only features Echo Arena, while Echo Combat remains something players can experience for $9.99 on the Rift platform, or via an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 with Oculus Link.

Echo VR gamers have always been able to customize their Echo chassis, but Echo Pass takes that customization to the next level with unique rewards that can further enhance the look of your Echo chassis. The free version of Echo Pass lets players unlock a unique chassis models, skins, decals, and other visual enhancements for bragging rights. Players can also purchase a premium Echo Pass for 1000 Echo Points, which equates to $9.99 USD on the Oculus store, for further customization options. Since all rewards are customization-based, this isn't a pay-to-win type of scheme like we've seen on too many other multiplayer games.

Each Echo Pass season is designed to run for a few months at a time, giving players the ability to advanced through the reward tiers over time. Each new season will reset progress and introduce new rewards tiers, which can be played through or unlocked with Echo Points. The first season offers over 50 rewards, including new chassis, boosters, bracers, and various forms of heraldry — which includes banners, tags, emblems, patterns and tins, medals, and even titles.

In addition to Echo Pass, Echo VR is revamping the way unlockables and rewards work, starting with new types of items. In addition to the new chassis available, players can swap out their boosters and wrist bracers, all of which will be shaded to match their team for each identification during play. Several unlockable items and options are available outside of Echo Pass and won't depend on you playing at a certain time in order to claim them. Ready at Dawn will be hosting a private test server to get community feedback on January 26th at 4pm PST. Feedback will then be used for the launch of Echo Pass Season 1 in the coming months.

Echo Vr Chassis Level Pack

Source: Ready at Dawn (Image credit: Source: Ready at Dawn)
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