If you've been following flagship smartphones for any length of time this year, chances are you've heard something or another about how this phone has the highest DxOMark rating, and just a few months later, a new phone came out with the same praise.

We can all agree at this point that DxOMark ratings are pretty useless when it comes to judging smartphone cameras, but DxO as a company is actually releasing something quite interesting later this year. It's called the DxO One, and it's a camera that plugs into your Android phone via USB Type-C.

DxO One first launched with a lightning cable for the iPhone back in 2015, and it received positive reviews at the time. However, it's steep price tag of $499 kept most potential customers at bay.

The one-inch sensor on the DxO One can capture up to 20.2 MP images, and the f/1.8 aperture should allow for solid low-light performance. There's a fixed focal lens of 32mm, and it's capable of capturing images in both JPEG and RAW. While you'll want to plug the DxO One into your phone to get the full experience, you can also capture images blindly by using the gadget entirely on its own.

We weren't sure if the DxO One would ever make its way to Android, so it's nice to finally have some closure on the matter. DxO says that it'll have more information about the Android-compatible version of the One on November 2, and the device will initially be released through some sort of Early Access program. Unfortunately, we don't currently know if pricing will change or when it'll be widely available for everyone to purchase.

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