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Droid's Froyo update reportedly halted, new build coming next week?

Here we go again, folks. Remember how the Evo 4G first saw an "unofficial" Android 2.2 update before the good one pushed out this week? Looks like pretty much the same thing is going on with the original Motorola Droid.

Trident at Android Forums has it that a showstopper was found in the FRG01B build that came out on Tuesday, which explains why not many people actually got the update over the air. (FWIW: We did our update manually -- see our hands-on here.) And add to that the image sent to Droid Life that you see at right, showing a newer build, FRG22.

Whether FRG22 ends up being the build we finally see released? Well, we'll see. The good news is that just about everybody's in agreement that those of us who updated to FRG01B should be just fine and get another update shortly. Huzzah. [via Android Forums and Droid Life]

  • manually apply the update I downloaded earlier or wait? Crap.
  • Not exactly the same as the EVO 4G bit because the official EVO update was never actually pushed out OTA until HTC and Sprint were ready. What ended up floating around for days before the EVO's actual update were unauthorized leaks on XDA and other forums... once the OTA was pushed out, it was the final version. The first leak I believe was 3.26.651.1, then 3.26.651.3... and the final official update ended up being 3.26.651.6. This sounds like an earlier build leaked out OTA for some Droid users... hopefully no damage was done though.
  • Didn't the same thing happen with 2.1?
  • Yeah, I think it did... and the 2.1 update ended up being pushed back considerably. I hope that isn't going to happen again because I don't personally own a Droid (I have an EVO) but my friends that do have Droids, will never stop bitching about it and they'll, of course, bitch to me like I can do something about it lol
  • What's the nature of the showstopper?
  • Far from official/true, but probably because the messaging app looks like garbage now. Looked way better before.
  • i pushed the update and i have no internet browsing capabilities over 3g... which also equates to no google voice, thus no voice mails. also, the new processing speed is doing nothing but eating up battery life. didn't last more than 7 hours today using the phone MUCH less than normal... and yes, wifi, gps, all the bells and whistles were turned off. Just a hand full of texts, a call or two, and DEAD. not happy.
  • If Amazon MP3 got pushed back in as part of the update, kill that pig. I guess I'll wait for the official rather than apply the update manually.
  • I updated last night and haven't had any problems with anything, google voice, texting, calls, battery life. I charged fully early this morning and I'm just down to 80% at 5:30pm. I used the phone moderately today, though no calls.
  • I have had no problems. Battery life is good and the speed has increased for browsing. Happy so far.
  • I installed the leaked frg22 build today and unfortunately everything that was wrong with frg01b is still present.... wifi connection using wpa encryption goes into a disabled state and streaming aac audio still sounds like poo.....
  • There was a fix for the audio issue here I installed it over frg22, running smoothly with no issues.
  • ill wait for ota
  • This is no bust to the folks at Android, but this is a main reason why I always wait for the official & final OS build to be sent OTA. I'd rather wait a little extra for Android to make a OS build they are really happy with than manually load several draft builds that aren't the perfect final build.
  • FRG01B (from AC d/l) Has turned my Droid into a brand new phone. The 2.1 update really degraded my phone's performance but now it's great. Any new Froyo builds to come will just be sprinkles on an otherwise tasty upgrade.
  • I gotta be really **not impressed** with my Froyo update. I manually installed and everythings working but i feel like my phones slower than normal. My main issue is the lag time between when i switch to a screen or press home and when the icons actually show up IF they do Im thinkng of going to VZW and having them Reboot my phone from scratch before when the next build comes out to have a fresh start yano?
  • Im having a problem with the Froyo Build FRG01B. The Volume/Ringer rocker on the side was changed, before I could have silent, vibrate, and then righer (low to high).. After this update I can only get Silent, or Ringer, or Ringer and Vibrate. (When changing the Vibrate settings in the Sound Menu).. Am I missing something??
  • I wass wondering the same thing the low batter notification is kinda cool thts the only time my phone vibrates
  • Did the manual update to FRG01B. Had to reboot once as my music was playing all mangled but, the reboot fixed that and I haven't had a problem since. Performace has improved, thought not by a huge amount. Course I'm running Launcher Pro Plus giving me 7 homescreens packed full of widgets and such so, no surprise there. So far, besides being able to run flash, the only thing I've really noticed is the reworked alarm clock interface. The jury's still out on that one.
  • i tried FRG01B. and my phone died (crashed) several times. and i had to reboot. i also noticed that my battery gets drained quickly after update. hopefully these problems can be solved by FRG22 Question is, if I manually updated it to FRG01B, can I still receive the official update?
  • I had no issues when upgrading but I have noticed a faster drain of the battery too.
  • I noticed the same problem when I manually updated. The problem appears to be Exchange related. Apparently the phone constantly contacts the Exchange email server. I set my Exchange email push to "never". That instantly fixed it.
  • Has the FRG22 patch been "leaked" like the update? I manually updated but I'd like to manually update with the "fix" since it appears that there is a version available if I've rooted my Droid (which I'm still not keen on doing).