Droid X now available online, in stores once they open

OK, you crazy kids. (We've been watching your countdown in the forums.) The Motorola Droid X is now officially available on Verizon's website (opens in new tab). So order yours and go to bed. Or at least let us go to bed. You also should be able to get one in the morning at various brick-and-mortar locations. (We'll still be in bed, or possibly eating waffles.) And if you want, you can still enter to win one from us. For free. Just sayin'. [Verizon Wireless (opens in new tab)]

  • Impatient and wont wait for a Friday delivery. 8am here I come.
  • I almost want to buy it even though i have it Pre Ordered at Best Buy. It feels like i would "own" it sooner somehow if i buy it now. So anxious!
  • i preordered mine at best buy too... im gonna hit them up a 9am when they open
  • I can think of a lot of people. And by no offense to you or anyone who roots their cell phones, we can presume that most people choose not to. While I myself have nothing again the idea, perhaps Motorola wants to keep this one unbreakable and preserve what can be had already from this X.
  • I will not support Motorola after reading about their eFuse on this phone! Why would someone want to pay for a phone that they can't mod without Motorola bricking it?
  • "Someone" meaning hackers and the mod community I suppose? If so, then true indeed. Motorola can do whatever they want to do with their devices, (within the scope of VzW's requirements). No use in complaining; it is what it is.
  • That's just fine because I and most other people will be wanting the new 4G phones that will be out by then ;-) Ordered mine online just after midnight! Friday will be soon enough.
  • You're right - complaining here does no good. Personally, I'll be voting with my wallet. Hopefully enough of us will do so that Motorola will get the fact that we're buying these devices, not leasing them. They can do whatever they want, and I can take my business elsewhere.
  • This phone is locked down so tight, it will never be hacked or rooted. The cryptographic signing of the bootloader and the eFuse will ensure a brick if anyone tries to load a custom rom or hack the bootloader. You will forever be at the mercy of Motorola for OS upgrades. When Motorola drops support for this phone (within 7-9 months) and moves on to the latest and greatest phone... you'll be stuck at whatever OS they decided to call it quits at (likely Froyo or Gingerbread). This phone will never be upgraded past Gingerbread.
  • Did somebody call the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHmbulance?
  • I have an 11:30 appt at Verizon. Is it bad that I feel like a child on Christmas eve?
  • I'd gladly pay you next month for a Droid X today lol
  • got mine (two of them) at about 12:45am ET .. no problems with the web site, or the ordering process at all! Kudos to Verizon!
  • I ordered mine at 12:46 EST. Can't wait for Friday!
  • Just ordered mine online, was going to get it in-store in the morning but online I don't need the mail-in-rebate ($100 instant online rebate = $199) or $20 surcharge to upgrade, and free overnight shipping! Thanks to Nextworth for relieving me of my iPhone 3Gs to finance the purchase. Can't wait until Friday!!
  • I wanna get it, but there is no way I can justify buying it at the full retail price... :-(
  • I'm in california and got mine already, however they said they couldn't activateuntil morning. i am posting right now from the phone via wifi.Really liking out so far!
  • i ordered mine this morning at 2:45 had no problems thanks verizon and all in the forums for all the information. goodbye blacberry 8330.
  • About to sleep and then wake up at 9 to go get my X! =)
  • Just ordered mine online, $99.00. Seems like a deal. Let's see how the phone is. ---------- iPhone 3GS -> Blackberry 9650 -> Droid X
  • Lol wonder of I'll even have the phone that long. The way they come out with now a days.
  • Just remember, as soon as Motorola drops support for this device (likely within 7-9 months), you will be stuck at that current OS and will never get an upgrade. I seriously doubt this phone will ever be upgraded past Gingerbread.
  • We're voices in the wilderness, Yahma. I'm surprised that so many people on a techie blog like this are so anxious to buy a locked-down, crippled device.
  • 7-9 Months no more updating? That's why all rooters should be smart and spend the extra $60 bucks for a one year contract, so if Motorola does hold their nutts on the updates, u can simply upgrade to the latest and greatest device, and sell the old phone on ebay...
  • I've got five lines on my plan, so I just keep rotating the upgrades. I get a new phone every six months and one of my dependants gets my old phone (they will be fighting over this one) :-) For the average person, this phone won't need more than the Froyo update anyway! Google has already stated that from Gingerbread on it will mostly just be UI tweaks. Not to mention that in 7-9 months I will be looking for a 4G phone anyway!
  • The phone doesn't need to be hacked. It's going to be great the way that it is. I have no intentions of rooting my EVO even though it is fully capable of being rooted. It is perfect just the way it us.
  • I almost agree. My EVO was good out the box, but perfect??? No, by rooting I have uncapped my FPS, currently running Froyo which is 100 times faster than 2.1 with better support and overclocking which really has it flying. IMO its running more on par with its potential than it was out the box. Plus....were just days away from cyanogen CM6 release which even opens HDMI out to EVERYTHING from the phone. Plus a few other goodies.
  • I feel a little silly right now. It's just about 6am in St. Louis. There's only me and one other guy sitting outside the store. I console myself with the fact that I will be one of the first in the store.
  • I tried to order on Wirefly this morning. They did not recognize my eligibility for a annual upgrade so I was forced to go to Verizonwireless.com. I would have drove around and looked today but I have a really busy day the next two days so I'm hoping I'm around to sign for the FedEx package tomorrow (assuming they ship it today).
  • Since my Verizon store only had TWO.....That's right, two. I ordered it 5 minutes after i woke up!!!! Hurry up mailman
  • Got mine ordered with free overnight shipping (FREEOVERNT). Figured my local store wouldn't have very many and I'm stuck in a meeting today until noon. Edit:
    Just got my shipping notification. Estimated delivery: Jul 16, 2010 by 4:30 PM
  • Picked mine up on the way into work this morning. No issues with getting one. This is actually for my wife, as it's too big for me. I'm perfectly happy with my Incredible.
  • I feel stupid too. Been outside my store for an hour and am still the only one here. I couldn't do online cause it didn't recognize my railway discount and my new every two isn't until the 21st but they said they could do it in store. Thank god for starbucks and my magazine!!!
  • The verizon website keeps locking up!!
  • Had my X out the door by 8:00 this morning. The store was pretty busy and the manager said all 30 of the phones they had were snatched up quick. I will say that as a guy that probably flashes his Droid at least 3 times a week, I'm loving the X right now. It's a little to early to tell if this will weaken over time but the feature-set of the X is amazing. I still have a Droid if I really want to flash a ROM just to flash.
  • Save $20 at dell.com plus free shipping.
  • Woke up early and was at store around 615ish for a 8am opening. They had plenty in stock and I was in the top 10. It must be sold out by now as everyone was walking out with a X. Verizon gave away some goodies too (Rule the Air metal water bottle, carabiner, t-shirt, nice touch). The phone is really nice, fast (!) and I love it. I could care less if it could be rooted or not. Froyo is going to make this sweet phone sweeter. Who would have thought you could pack so much in one phone?!?! BTW, I had the phone pre-ordered at BB but no one called to make appointments and frankly I think they took in too many pre-orders than they could support. Going to use the $50 deposit/gift card for some accessories. My wife is the best - she said I could use the upgrade on her line :-).
  • Got mine at 8 am this morning and i love it :)
  • Got mine at VZW store, they had 5 left for walk ins and I was number 5.
    Eric the VZW rep hooked me up in 10 minutes.
    If in Coral Springs area hit them up they are awesome.
  • Anyone that ordered online get a tracking # yet? Or any supply issues reported? Just want to make sure I am going to get it on friday. Ordered online at about 1:30 AM. Have checked online and still says my order is processing. Just getting a little anxious I guess...
  • Just got my droid at 1130 awesome phone I given my iphone to my strip father . Best phone to this date sand im tutor this with swype right now