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Droid Charge may go on sale Tuesday (Updated with more confirmation)

The question on everyone's mind this week following the crash of Verizon's LTE network and the delay of the Samsung Droid Charge is "When will the phone finally go on sale?" If the above screen shot is any indication, Tuesday may be the day.

It looks like Costco is expecting to start getting the Droid Charge on Monday (it'll either get a "Go" or a revised launch date on Monday, too), with a hard "do not sell" order until Tuesday. And all locations should be stocked by the end of the day on Wednesday.

So it's not asking too much to read into this that the Droid Charge could be available to the general public -- and not just at Costco -- on Tuesday. We've certainly got our fingers crossed. While you wait, be sure to check out our initial review. And we've got one more pic after the break.

Update: We've gotten a Costco inventory screen that confirms what you see above, with an "expected arrival" of May 5. Check it out after the break.

Thanks, Anon!

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  • At $300 with a 2yr contract, I predict FAILURE
  • Just like the iphone 4 is a failure at $299? LOL
  • I think you might be the failure. The iPhone 4 is and always has been $199 for the 16gb.
  • Exactly for the 16GB...the charge has 2GB internal and comes with a 32GB card, that totals 34GB. That's 2GB more than the $299 iphone. Nice try! HA
  • Blah blah blah. I love android but you gotta realize 99% of ppl don't care about specs like that. (See ipad vs xoom sales) and anyone can get a 32gb SD.
  • Well, anyone but an iPhone user. :) But I agree, $299 is going to be a problem. It's not that it's an unfair price given the specs, it's just that a lot of people will look the Charge, then at the 16GB iPhone and think "Eh, 16GB is plenty, and this is a good phone for $100 cheaper."
  • if you get the 32 gb sd card youll be right back at $300.00
    your not paying the extra money for the storage , your paying for the unlimited 4g speed. i know a bargain when i see one , and im gonna get the charge
  • if LG can price the g2x at 199 samsuck can do the same for their rehashed tech of last year with lte and a fancy screen slapped in it.
  • Nonsense statement since Verizon sets the price
  • Is not Samsung is your beloved carrier that want to squeeze just a little more out of you suckers, hahaha.
  • I think it cost that much because they dont charge additionally for lte. which is fine by me . ill pay the $300.00 upfront , rather then paying $10.00 a month
  • Believe me its coming, is Verizon we talking about here.
  • I just won one. NEED ROOT!
  • find me in the forums
  • If this thing wasn't so darn ugly I might give it a shot
  • We already have then at my Best Buy Mobile store and have been selling them so not sure where people are getting this information. We even got an e-mail on the 28th giving the thumbs up to sell them.
  • Are you in 4G market?
  • Yeah. I already heard a local radio commercial today advertising "on sale now"
  • I can slap a $60 32GB microSD card in my HTC EVO and not have to deal with Samsung or Verizon. Sweet! :-)
  • Yeah but then you have to deal with sprint. Ha ha
  • This is 32gb for $299, not a bad deal
  • Right, but the Thunderbolt also comes with a 32gb microSD card and its max retail price is $249. : /
  • I'd pay $50 extra over the price of a Thunderbolt for that absolutely gorgeous SAMOLED PLUS screen on the Charge. I have had a Thunderbolt since day one, and it's a solid device, but it's far from perfect. My biggest disappointment in it is the TFT display. It's blinding at night, and 96% unusable outdoors in bright sunlight. My Galaxy S phones (i9000 & Nexus S) are very usable outdoors, and the Charge is supposed to be even better.
  • I agree...thats why I am passing on the minor upgrade to the Galaxy S and waiting for the GalaxyS2. This phone sucks for high end 2011. (I'd still take it over the Thunderbolt, but thats not saying a lot).
  • think of it as paying $50 for the backup battery + charger you'll have to buy if you get Thunderbolt ;)
  • If you buy it direct from Samsung it is only $249. Verizon is also offering $50 off all their phones right now so it's $249. $299 is the MAP price. That doesn't mean that it has to sell at that price.
  • Hmmm this might be the one I upgrade the girlfriend to.
  • This stinks. The delay for the Charge will most likely cause the LG Revolution date to slip. The LGR was supposed to launch May 5th, but that seems unlikely if the Charge launches 2 days prior. As much as I curse Verizon, I'll still wait tho. I really want a LTE phone with HDMI/Netflix/Skype video chat. So far the LGR is the only Verizon phone that fits all of those requirements.
  • Yeah my next phone has got to have hdmi. I use mine all the time-or at least way more than I ever thought I would. I'm surprised; I thought the was going to be a standard feature on all top tier phones. But really, not so much...?
  • Last year's tech, new year's price...perfect!
  • I thumbs upped your comment, but the LTE radio (obviously) and the SAMOLED PLUS screen are NOT last year's tech. This is one of the first phone's to get the new and improved display tech, and in a larger size than previously available. If all you're focused on is the CPU/GPU, okay, but that's not the major part of the "experience" using a phone like the Charge.
  • I agree with him...this phone is unimpressive. Physical buttons? Pass. No dual core? Pass. Only 2 gig internal memory? Pass. 512 RAM in 2011? Are you KIDDING me? Pass. No, superAMOLED "plus" is not enough to justify this phone IMO.
  • maybe not for you and some others but i actually chose this phone over another because of the physical buttons... just my preference~
    2gb internal comes with 32gb external. pretty solid.
    first dual core phone for verizon is bionic i think? which is coming out around summer.. i for one don't want to a couple more months when I've been eligible to upgrade since thursday..
    As for superAMOLED+ that's the difference. Incredible 2 on the left, Thunderbolt on the right. contrast is so much more beautiful yo
  • I missed the SAMOLED+ part, so yes, that is a big plus for this device. But still, even with that and LTE this phone is nothing special. It just seems like one of those phones that nobody asked for. It's like Samsung said "lets try this one, lets just see how this one goes in the market". It seems like a "test" device as Samsung's first LTE smartphone (it is their first, right?). I'm not saying it's a bad phone, it's a good phone overall, but when you look at what's already out and what's coming out very soon: Atrix, Thunderbolt, Sensation, Galaxy S 2, Evo 3D, Optimus 3D, G2X...this phone is just not I personally think it's ugly as hell and looks cheap.
  • I'll probably end up buying it on Craigslist.
  • I fail to see what makes this such a bad/poor device. I can't wait 4 months for the Bionic to decide to be launched or some other super phone, whenever Verizon decides to throw a decent bone to us, just so elitests feel warm and cuddly with something that will be outdated 6 months following that phone's launch. If you don't like the physical buttons, don't get it. Simple as that. If you want to wait for a dual-core system, be my guest. But my OG Droid has had it. One more week and It's either this or the Thunderbolt.
  • who cares ? i work at verizon and havent had one person ask about it. pos
  • i rather get the thunderbolt, HTC actually updates their phones- In fact today i went to verizon and picked up my thunderbolt!
  • Remember this is Samsung When's the last time they updated any of their phones? Even this one still has 2.2 on on it.
  • don't be ridiculous, all the galaxy s phones are now on 2.2 and the ones in europe is expecting 2.3 soon. The Incredible 2 is also launching with 2.2, same can be said with the thunderbolt, hell even the HTC sensation is launching with 2.2. The galaxy S2 launched with 2.3 by the way. You can blame the carriers for their bloatware and BING!!!!!!