Droid Charge about to get a bunch of bugfixes in EE4 update

The Samsung Droid Charge is getting itself a nice little slew of bugfixes, courtesy of an update slugged EE4. And it's a pretty good list of fixes:

  • Improved battery life when placing a voice call
  • Easily return calls within the call log entry by pressing the phone icon
  • outgoing calls from visual voicemail will be placed propely
  • Pressing and holding the 1 key will automatically route the user to the voicemail service
  • Audio has been adjusted to avoid "No audio" or "screeching sounds"
  • Accurately detect and connect to LTE
  • Enhanced browser performance
  • New email folder struction
  • Exchange password change fixes
  • Email and calendar sync fixes
  • Mobile hotspot capability restored
  • USB mass storage mode now automatically recognized
  • Phone recognizes ringtones purchased from Verizon
  • GPS improvements

Pretty good for a maintenance release. Now let's see some Gingerbread on it.

Oh, and if you're looking for a manual download, or pal DroidXcon has you taken care of.

Source: Verizon (pdf); Download: Android Central Forums

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  • If this fixes the 4G/3G transitions/loss of connection while still saying you have it, I will be dumping the TB and getting the Charge, it has been causing too much of a problem lately.
  • They probably just want to pull you out of root again. lol
  • Ok. How about fixing the gps problem now? It takes forever to lock in my location, and when using the navigation it directed me to the wrong location twice. Had to pull out my old dinc to help me navigate. The bug fixes sound great and all, but I'm under the impression that if a new phone is released, it should at least out perform my last one. What the hell is Verizon doing? Don't they test their phones before releasing them? Another problem I had with the charge is the sluggishness while scrolling through the home screens... And that is mainly because of all the crap that samsung crams in... Its probably over working the processor.. I just hope the the soon to be released galaxy s2 aka the function, doesn't have these problems that the charge has.....
  • The final bullet on the bug fixes list is 'gps improvements'. I haven't had any sluggishness problems - you might want to check with Verizon to see if you just got a bad device?
  • @ Phil At the end of the article when you say " if you're looking for a manual download, or pal DroidXcon has you taken care of." are you referring to the EE4 update or Gingerbread? Don't be cruel and get my hopes up......
  • I have not yet received this update - has anyone else? Thanks.
  • No update here either. :-(
  • Just got the update... Rochester, NY