Drive off with the Vantrue T2 1080p Dash Cam at a $40 discount via Amazon

Having evidence that backs up what really happened in the event of a car accident can save you a lot of trouble. That's why investing in a dash cam is such a smart idea these days. Right now you can pick up the Vantrue T2 1080p Dash Cam at Amazon for just $109.99, a $40 discount, when you enter promo code TLJCWVDP during checkout. That brings this camera lower than it's ever reached on its own before.

This 1080p dash cam can continuously record 24/7 to watch what's going on in front of your vehicle even when it's parked. It also automatically locks footage from being overwritten when a sudden shake or collision is detected.

As this dash cam is powered by a super capacitor rather than a lithium battery, it can withstand extreme temperatures from -4 degrees to 158 degrees Fahrenheit so you won't have to worry about it overheating on a really hot day or malfunctioning in the winter. It even offers 24/7 continuous monitoring with low voltage protection (for 12V vehicles) to keep your car battery from being drained. The camera is equipped with an F/1.8 aperture lens that can capture 160 degrees at once and record various lanes of traffic simultaneously. It records in 1080p or 720p with HDR to clearly show license plates and road signs while you pass by, and there's night vision as well.

The T2 also features a Wave Guard Parking Mode which emits a microwave signal in front of your vehicle which will make your dash cam begin recording if anything steps too close. There's also a built-in gravity sensor which will make the camera begin recording if it detects a sudden shake or collision, even while you're not around. The camera supports up to 256GB microSD cards though it doesn't include one. You should add one to this order if you don't already have one at home to make sure you have something to record your footage onto.

Alex Smith
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