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DoubleTwist updated to support Android 4.4, clean up design

Improved tablet layout makes better use of the extra screen real estate

One of the most popular music player apps on Android over the years, DoubleTwist, is receiving an update today to be compatible with Android 4.4 and improve its overall design. The newest design improvement focuses on having a consistent look and feel across the entire app, which also fits better with Android's design guidelines to look great on devices up to and including the latest KitKat release.

The new app looks great on tablets as well, taking advantage of the extra screen real estate to reveal hidden menus and show more information in landscape mode. This all comes together to offer a great experience whether you're listening to local files, managing playlists that were synced from your computer or listening to the new Magic Radio service.

The latest update is available now in the Play Store, and because DoubleTwist makes its money with add-ons to its core app, it can be had for free.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Now if only they put effort to update their desktop app.
  • There is a radically different desktop ap in beta. Drops the iTunes clone thing and focuses more on the utility of syncing media and playlists. I was hoping for something more robust, but it's alright.
  • Word.
  • Finally! When I copied over my apps from my galaxy nexus I couldn't use it. So I am glad I can now.
  • Couldn't you just re-download it? Sent via my Verizon Moto X
  • Edit: Nevermind
  • I caved and got the air sync. It's pretty nifty, actually, and I don't regret the purchase.