Ultra Watch Face

Sometimes what you want from a watch face is familiarity. There are plenty of faces that offer new and innovative ways to tell the time on Android Wear devices. What can be more difficult is finding a watch face that looks like a watch face, without losing out on the features of a Smartwatch. The Ultra Watch Face takes a swing at blending familiarity with new features.

Check it out.

Ultra Watch Face screenshot

The Ultra Watch Face is an analog face with plenty of features. By default you get a black background with white lettering. There is both a digital, and an analog display for the time. You also get the full date with month, day of the week, and day of the month. On the right side of your Smartwatch screen you'll see the weather in Celsius. On the left of your screen is a battery icon for both your smartwatch and your smartphone.

There are plenty of options to fiddle with as well. Changing the background color will change the color of the hands on the analog face, or the battery indicator icons. You can also adjust your weather settings like the provider, unit of measurement, and how often it updates to your smartwatch. To access the rest of the options you'll need to pony up $1.99 for the premium version.

Ultra Watch Face options

The Premium options include a variety of features. You can set 4 shortcuts to the bottom of your screen, allowing you to easily access the apps you use most often. There are also options to use animations, enable more infomation in ambient mode, and adjust the way that peek cards look when they pop up. Like many other watch faces, Ultra Watch Face puts all of your options on an app on your Smartphone.

The Ultra Watch Face is a great face that blends familiarity and features. It's available right now for free on The Google Play Store or you can get access to all those awesome features for $1.99. If you've been looking for a dash of technological nostalgia with your smartwatch features then the Ultra Watch Face is not to be missed.