Does the Sprint HTC Hero Have A Different Design ?

Now this was unexpected. Word on the street (aka is that the phone pictured above is actually Sprint's version of the HTC Hero. It's not that sharp edged, big chin version of the Hero we've grown to love but rather a softer, more curvacious version. The flush hardware buttons are positively slick but we're not sure if we like the two-toned front face. At least the Sprint HTC Hero looks like it'll fit better in the pocket. And for some reason, it just looks like a Sprint phone doesn't it?

We're not sure which version of the HTC Hero we like better (if there are different versions) but since they both run HTC Sense and everything inside is the same, it really doesn't matter to us. If this really is the Sprint HTC Hero, we won't miss the chin one bit.

What do you guys think? Which HTC Hero is best? Sprint or everyone else's.

[via engadget]

hit the jump to see the chin-less HTC Hero!

  • I would switch back to Sprint for this phone.
  • Come January (when my contract with my Sprint Centro expires) it's going to be hard to decide between the Hero and the Pre... Hope there's enough time for a lot of comparisons to come out! This form definitely looks good! The chin wouldn't really be a decision factor, but doesn't hurt to look a little more normal.
  • Hmmm. I'm not sure I like it. I have been wishing HTC get rid of the "chin" for awhile but the more I looked at the Hero I didn't mind it so much and thought it actually gave it a little character. I don't know, I need more pics.
  • This one is looks better, this old fashion htc phone for me is ugly. Looks like g1.
  • I actually like it, particularly the gold trim. And with the Sense UI shown in the second pic, I think Sprint has a winner.
  • The metallic parts (especially the gold ring around the trackball) is hideous. Reallying hoping some changes are made before the actual release, I was planning on switching to Sprint from AT&T for the Hero.
  • I think I like it, but I don't think I minded the chin either. I'm most likely switching to Sprint in November when my iPhone contract is up. Not because I don't like my iPhone, not because I've had problems with AT&T, but because my wife wants a smartphone and I'm ready for an upgrade, and Sprint has a better deal for 2 smartphones ($129.99 for Family Everything 1500). I'm looking at the Hero and the Pre. So far I like the idea of the Hero better, but reviews say the interface is laggy. The telling point will be when I get to play with it, or what else comes out by November.
  • This is Awesome! Who knows maybe Sprint insisted that HTC actually throw a bigger processor in this bad boy too? How cool would that be, get a great looking phone, awesome OS, Sense, and something other than the old TI processor. That would be a GRAND SLAM for Sprint... I could see people jumping ship from all sorts of carriers to get their hands on a Beefed Up Hero! Dan might actually be able to show a "+" in the customer base next quarter.... never know iPhone did it for Apple. Come on Sprint.... Surprise the heck out of us loyal customers and come to market with something completely amazing! Oh ya and soon to please. ;) For More AWESOMENESS Visit: If you play Cribbage or enjoy nice craftsmanship you really need to see these Cribbage Boards on this site Classy Cribbage Enjoy
  • The 528mhz processor HTC has been using is Qualcomm.
  • I think the image shown above could quite realistically be this. The 200 model numbers seem to line up. This would result in Sprint getting the real Hero that was approved a while ago by the FCC.
  • You could be right, but that would mean that there should be another CDMA HTC phone pass thru the FCC shortly.
  • I miss the chin :(
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  • I have the Hero with the chin, but I like the look of this one. If given the choice it would be hard to decide - even with that gold trim there. To the poster talking about an upgraded CPU - it would certainly help the phone to be a lot more snappier, but it's a dream I think - there's no way Sprint could wrangle that.
  • this is some bullshit i waited and waited for this phone and they go and make it look like a piece of shit that i can get anywhere else who ever came up with this design is a fucking retarded bitch if sprint is smart they will keep it the same
  • I really hope this isn't the Hero for Sprint. I've been following the whole Hero story for a while now and had grown pretty attached to the look of the old one, if there is an "old" one. I think honestly I wouldn't mind this so much if there wasn't gold trim. I mean, gold trim? Seriously? Too gaudy for me.
  • I totally dig it...
  • This new hardware design is, honestly, supremely disappointing. The original Hero had a positively jutting man-physique. It would've been perfect to complement the Palm's curvey, if half-crazy persona. Now it just kinda looks like the lovechild of the original Hero and the Pre....if the child was born with cystic fibrosis. Definitely looking forward to this, though. Definitely.