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Best answer: Marvel Future Revolution does not appear to have full controller support on Android at launch. While it has limited compatibility with certain buttons, you cannot play it with a controller alone. Netmarble is exploring the possibility of adding controller support in a later update.

How do controllers work with Marvel Future Revolution on Android?

Simply put: They don't. While you can get a controller — like an Xbox controller — to connect via Bluetooth, you won't be able to do much with it. During my time with the game ahead of its launch, I found that only the left thumbstick would work correctly to move your character. Every other button was effectively useless, and because you'd need to use the touch controls anyway, there was no feasible way to play Marvel Future Revolution with a controller.

If you already have some of the best mobile controllers on hand, they might be worth testing out, but you certainly shouldn't go out and buy a controller specifically for this game.

Why doesn't Marvel Future Revolution have controller support?

Marvel Future Revolution is, first and foremost, a mobile game designed to be played with touch controls so that anyone can pick it up without needing any extra hardware. Netmarble focused its development efforts on these touch controls to ensure that they are as good as can be. Unfortunately, adding controller support takes time and effort, and it doesn't appear this was a priority for the dev team.

Will controller support be added to Marvel Future Revolution in the future?

Netmarble is exploring the possibility of adding controller support in a future update; it just won't be at launch. Its predecessor, Marvel Future Fight, had a rocky relationship with controller support on Android, and that title launched all the way back in 2015. However, given the rise of mobile games with controller support lately, the developer may want to implement it sooner rather than later.

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