Best answer: Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active supports apps from the Galaxy Apps store. You can find major tracking apps like Under Armor and media apps like Spotify for your workout needs easily.

Amazon: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active ($200)

What apps are compatible?

It would be a rather questionable move to not include the ability to download apps to your brand new smartwatch. Samsung has recognized this and makes it possible to download some apps to the Galaxy Watch Active through the Galaxy Apps store. While there is support for third-party apps, the options are not endless.

The primary focus of apps are either already included, or need to be downloaded via the Galaxy Apps Store. Some selections include the likes of Strava or Under Armor, which makes sense as the Galaxy Watch Active is primarily geared towards those with an active lifestyle. Even music apps like Spotify are available for those who want to download playlists and leave your smartphone behind during long runs.

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As we mentioned, there are already some apps pre-loaded, and the Watch Active can automatically detect your various workouts. Plus, the Watch Active is the first Samsung wearable to detect blood pressure, and that can be done with the help of the BP Lab App.

Our pick

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The next great addition to the Galaxy line

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is an impressive smartwatch geared towards fitness enthusiasts. At just $200, this is a great entry point for anyone looking for a new smartwatch, and it includes many of the bells and whistles you would expect from Samsung.

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