Does the Galaxy Tab S7 come with an S Pen in the box?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 On Desk Lifestyle
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 On Desk Lifestyle (Image credit: Samsung)

Best answer: Yes, Samsung's Galaxy Tab S7 features the all-new and redesigned S Pen, which has reduced latency and a more ergonomic, in the box. That means you can get started right away jotting notes or doodling away.

Don't worry about needing to buy an S Pen for the Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Family

Source: Samsung (Image credit: Source: Samsung)

Despite the waning Android tablet market, Samsung is back with its best iPad Pro competitor ever in the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+. These tablets feature great tools so you can get work done without needing a separate computer. For the past few years, Samsung has been including an S Pen with all of its flagship Tab devices and that continues with the 2020 iteration.

The all-new S Pen for the Tab S7 line has been redesigned with a new form factor that aims to be more comfortable and feel more like an actual pen or pencil. This, paired with the reduced latency (which means it feels smoother to use), make the S Pen an invaluable accessory for your Galaxy Tab S7 tablet.

Considering that the Tab S7 is now equipped with a 120Hz display, there were concerns that the new S Pen would not take advantage of the vastly-improved display. However, Samsung thought of everything here, as the latency for the Tab S7's S Pen has been reduced to just 9ms. This matches the latency found on Apple's iPad Pro when paired up with the latest Apple Pencil.

How to make the most out of the S Pen

Drawing On Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Source: Samsung (Image credit: Source: Samsung)

If the reduced latency paired with a 120Hz display isn't enough of a "wow factor," Samsung included some additional features. When using apps like Samsung Notes, you can create documents or open those PDF's and mark them up before sending them back to the original sender. Then, those notes will sync up perfectly with the cloud and can be accessed on your Galaxy Note 20, creating a seamless experience to get work done, regardless of the device.

Another huge benefit of the S Pen comes in how it connects to your Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+. There's a magnetic strip found on the back of the tablet that not only houses your S Pen, but will also charge it at the same time. Gone are the days of going to grab your S Pen only to find that it needs to be charged. If you're someone who plans on picking up the new Keyboard Cover, there's a cutout designed for the S Pen, so that it will still be easily accessible when it's time to stop typing and start drawing.

Those who enjoy drawing will love using the new and improved S Pen paired up with the 120Hz display on the Tab S7. Samsung has even included Clip Studio Paint pre-installed on the tablet, giving you a six-month free trial and access to one of the best apps for professional or casual artists.

With Noteshelf, you can create custom virtual notebooks — it's kind of like Evernote on steroids. With this app and the S Pen, you can create all the hand-written notes you want, but you can also use this to doodle, add photos, and more, then keep everything organized.

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