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Best answer: Not right now but it's in the cards. Developer Mediatonic has not enabled cross-play for the game yet but are aware that people are interested in the feature.

Does Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout support cross-play?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout does not currently feature cross-play. When asked about cross-play, Mediatonic said that "At launch, we won't have crossplay. It's something we really want to do in the future, let us know on Discord if its something you are super excited about so we can prioritise what we work on next!"

So, if you're interested in playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with cross-play, go let Mediatonic know — but please be polite about it. In the meanwhile, if you want to invite some friends to join the chaos in a squad, here's how you can invite friends to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with you.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout What platforms is it available on?

Right now, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PS4 and PC. It's not available on Xbox One and the developers haven't announced any plans to port it yet but it could arrive at a later date. If you're a PS4 owner, it's available for free via PlayStation Plus through the month of August and will be yours to keep forever provided you stay subscribed to the service.

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PS Plus 3-Month card

PlayStation Plus 3-Month card

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