Do you think Samsung should end the Galaxy Note series?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Samsung just launched the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra late last week, but even so, that hasn't stopped people from already talking about what the company's next handsets will look like. We're expecting the next batch of Samsung phones to be part of the Galaxy S30 series, and according to a new rumor, it could mark the beginning of the end for the Note lineup.

Rumor has it that Samsung will launch three variants of the Galaxy S30 next year, one of which will come equipped with the iconic S Pen. Given that Samsung only offers the S Pen with its Galaxy Note devices, this could be an indicator that the Note is getting ready to hang up its hat.

This got a lot of our AC forum members to talking, with their conversation going as follows:

The writing has been on the... display... for a while.:p So anything is possible. The way they are nickel and dime-ing us to sell the N20U and make money at their price point or not make money by selling at S20U prices is embarrasing to a niche flagship... It's like selling a Rolls Royce and not including the floormats. :p And they would avoid at this point the issue where people or...


So it'll be a Note under a different name. Sucks they may be coming out with one in just six months. Ugh.

Mr Segundus

I'm with you on this, but not the Fold part. I don't want a folding phone. that's a true phablet, Imo. But yeah. Call it what you want, Samsung. Just keep the features that make a Note a Note.

Katrina White1

Same rumors floated around with the Note 10 and nothing happened with the S line. I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually did happen just because the phones are so similar but who knows when.


Now, we want to hear from you — Do you think Samsung should end the Galaxy Note series?

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  • Simple solution, just give the S series S-pens. Keep it simple stupid!
  • Yeah. That's the rumor.
  • Gee, wonder where you got that idea from 🤔
  • For $1300 the note line is dead to me. No phone is worth that much ever. $1000 for the cheaper version that doesnt have 120hz when the S20 is cheaper and does have it makes no sense either. So yeah kill the note series and just make the Galaxy S compatible with the S pen
  • Size and spec wise the gap is so much smaller between the note and s series. Now the biggest advantage of getting a note (which I just got one for the first time since the note 4) is that it corrects a fair amount of mistakes that the S20 line made. Outside of the pen, it's now the "T" version of samsungs flagship line.
  • No; why? The S Pen is an invaluable tool for those of us who use it. Prices should be kept in check though.
  • If, as has often been claimed, the S and Note series are almost identical save for the latter's S Pen, then give the S series the pen and end it. But it's not that straightforward, is it? It seems like a matter of corporate greed by Samsung for releasing an improved iteration (i.e., a Note with the pen) just 6 months after an S series release, following up with a new S series just another 6 months after that Note including all its improvements plus some new features, just minus an S Pen> The cycle repeats with a new, improved Note yet another six months after that S release.
    Did you get that? Samsung pumps out what is essentially the same, iterative device EVERY 6 MONTHS - with and without an S Pen! Cool scam. And let's not forget the other flavour-of-the-week 52 handsets they release throughout the year! But hey, Samsung isn't twisting my arm to buy their products; I am doing so of my own volition; I think.
  • No! I love the Note line and so do tons of other people. But I guess as long as they include the S-Pen in whatever device they release, I'll be happy.
  • No... Absolutely not. Not everyone needs an S-pen, so those who don't should have a powerful device option that doesn't include one.
    But there are those who do enjoy the features of an S-pen. In my opinion, Samsung has gone off the rails with their release and pricing strategy. They should keep it simple with the consumer. Here is my opinion of what should happen. Around April of each year, release two S - phones and 2 note phones. The Galaxy S and a Galaxy S+. And the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note Pro. The S plus should be bigger than the S, with a bigger battery and perhaps a bigger screen resolution. The screen refresh rate, CPU, GPU and Ram should be the same in both devices. The cameras in the plus model should be upgraded and maybe add a micro SD card slot to the plus. The Note would be a similar size as the S+ but have the specs of the Galaxy S. The battery would be the same size as the S+ and would share all S-pen features with the Note Pro. The Note Pro would have maxed out specs. It would be the biggest of the bunch with the largest battery, an upgraded amount of ram, an SD card slot and the more advanced camera system. It would have the screen resolution of the S+ and an extra feature only found on the pro model. And they should aim for the following price points: Galaxy S: $849
    Galaxy S+: $999
    Galaxy Note: $949
    Galaxy Note Pro: $1149 Later in the year, around September, they release their fold devices. The Z fold would have the slightly upgraded CPUs if available, and would include an S-pen with S-pen functionality, while the flip would use a less powerful version of the CPU found in the S line. The Z-fold would offer powerhouse performance with Note pro like specs. They would have the following price points: Z-flip: $999
    Z - fold: $1399
  • No but they need to set it apart from the s line. The note was the do it all powerhouse phone. My first note was the 4 and I never thought I would ever go back. I later got the note 7 and was sad to have to go back to the s line and now I have the note 9. The note was a powerhouse of a phone now they have it to a refinement of the s line.... Ugh Samsung please fix the note.
  • No. The Note should stay.
    Samsung makes Phones for All 3 categories.
    Budget Phones = $, Mainstream Feature Phones = $$, and Flagship Phones = $$$
    There Should be All 3 Price Categories for Everyone.
    Some People just want and Need a Phone to Make & Receive Calls and maybe also Text.
    Most People Want Feature Rich Phones but don't want or can't afford an extremely expensive Phone.
    Then there are the People who Want and Need the Best of the Best and are Willing to Pay for it even though they wish it wouldn't cost so much, but they still Purchase the Phone.
    There's a Whole segment of People who are Die Hard Note Fans.
    Not Everyone is Willing to Speak Up or Post their Opinions about Keeping the Note Phone because some believe that they just won't be heard.
    That's where People like Me who Will Speak Up and Post Our Opinions about Wanting and Needing the Note Series of Phone to Stay and NOT be phased out Ever.
    With the Note possibly being replaced with the Fold, there are a LOT of People who DON'T Want a Phone that Folds for Many Reasons.
    Keep the Note Series of Phones and DON'T phase them out!
  • I don't think they should, and if they do I will look elsewhere it's as simple as that.
  • No. Different prices and categories. Dont mix it
  • No. I can't make it without my s pen. I use it religiously daily! My entire family has bought everything series because of the pen. Will continue to purchase as the new series come about.
  • But what if they added an s pen to a large foldable device phone?
  • Dang. I really hope they don't! At least, if they are going to kill it, make a large foldable with an spen! Now that would be cool!