Do you prefer small or large smartphone displays?

Seeing as how we live in a world where 6-inch smartphone screens have quickly become the norm, it's hard to believe that the first Galaxy Note and its 5.3-inch display caused the entire industry to stop and stare at its "ginormous" size just a few years ago.

Since then, phones have become increasingly larger and larger. This is great if you're someone that consumes a lot of media or enjoy the larger canvas to more easily see whatever it is you're looking at, but there's still an argument to be made for the ease of use that comes with small phones.

One of our forum users recently exchanged their Galaxy S8 for a Pixel 2 and asked the community if they'd get used to the reduction in screen real-estate with their new handset, and these are some of the top answers:

You can eventually get used to anything if given time -- I would think the bigger bezels would be more annoying then anything else.


I went from an iPhone 7+ to the Pixel 2's 5" screen and love it. Sure I'll like for it to use it's real estate more effectively, but it's a great form factor.


If your eyes are good, a smaller phone screen is fine. I need to where readers to see my phone so the bigger the better so I can make out some things on the phone without fumbling for my reading glasses.


My near vision is much better than my distance vision so the small screen works for me. I have my display and font set to the smallest size and that gives me pretty good screen density. I have noticed a decline in my near vision so I might be a "big phone" guy sooner or later.


While not as dramatic a percentage drop in screen size, I had gone from the Nexus 6 (6") to the Pixel XL (5.5") and wasn't really bothered - though am now back to the 6" size with the 2 XL. Honestly, if I didn't consume so much video media on my phone I would have gone with the Pixel 2 in a heartbeat, as it is certainly more easily pocketable and a far better bang for the buck.


Now, we'd like to pass the question on to you – Do you prefer small or large smartphone displays?

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