Do you plan on upgrading to the Galaxy Note 10 from the Note 9?

In just a matter of days, the Galaxy Note 10 will be made official. At this point, we already have a pretty good idea of what the phone will look like and what specs it'll be bringing to the table.

There's a lot of excitement surrounding Samsung's new phone, even among some owners of last year's Galaxy Note 9.

Taking a look through the AC forums, here's what some of them have to say about the Note 10.

I'm waiting for confirmation before committing to the Note 10, the Note 9 is running great and I'm not quite sure theres enough in the rumours so far to sway me.


I'm keeping my 9 until at least Android R which this phone won't get due to Androids two major update rule. Even then, I'm waiting for 5G to be the standard and not just exclusive to a few cities.


I've had a few issues with my note 9. However I've purchased all previous Note series in the past. I will keep my note 9 and still get the note 10 pro even if there's no headphone jack. My wife has an S10 plus and loves it. No issues at all. This would be a first. She's done upgrading for a couple of years. Then again her job has her toting around an iPhone XS but she hates that phone. ...

DARK Vader777

well I will surely get the Note 10 pro once launched in my country but after a month I guess after launch coz price drops happens and they launch better cash back on older Samsung phones...if get good value will trade in my Note 9 for Note 10 pro.... using Samsung buds and lg tone active plus with note 9....yes at times u will miss the headfone Jack but if I have note 10 pro u can wirelessly...


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