Best answer: Even without a Video Doorbell, you can use Neighbors by Ring with a free account to view and comment on nearby crime alerts or share your own.

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Neighbors by Ring

Neighbors is an app by Ring that allows its users to report crimes within their neighborhood and upload photo and video evidence to warn the local community. Users can see a general location of each report (the exact address is obfuscated for obvious reasons), and comment on them, mark the report as helpful, or even share it to a wider audience on social media.

You can also view reports on a map. Also, pinned to the top of the Neighbors app is a neighborhood watchlist with known criminals' faces on display, and links to related reports.

Even without a Ring camera, Neighbors is a great, free tool for local communities.

While Neighbors was initially only available for owners of Ring devices, the company has since opened the app to everyone — just sign up for a free Ring account and enter your home address to get started. When creating a new report, you can upload photos and videos from your gallery, then add a title, description, and the general location of the incident.

If you do have a Ring camera and a Ring Protect subscription (which allows you to access 60 days of video history), you can also use Neighbors from within the Ring app. You can share recorded footage from your Ring camera directly from your video history and access reports through the Neighbors Feed tab.

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The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a 1080p smart video doorbell that can run off of either battery power or existing doorbell wiring. In the event of a break-in or incident, you can share footage directly from your video history to Ring's Neighbors community.

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