Do you care about Android weather apps?

Appy Weather Light Theme Greycubes
Appy Weather Light Theme Greycubes (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

If you're a weather nerd, yesterday was likely a frustrating day for you. Apple announced that it was purchasing the popular weather service Dark Sky, and as a result of this, the company's Android app is officially no more.

This resulted in a lot of commotion and chatter on Twitter, along with people on a new hunt to find a replacement for their daily weather info. Going a step further, it also started a conversation about weather apps in general and why some people get so excited about them.

One such conversation began in the AC forums, with it going as follows:

When it comes to quality of the forcast it is the weather model they are using that counts. The apps are only cosmetic display for a weather model. Best on the models are metoffice UK or US Apps only use weather data open for all


Yeah, pretty much and usually the source of the info has their own app. But hey, people like the different visuals.


I think there is a little bit of variation with all weather apps. Personally, I change weather apps a couple of times with each phone I get. I find that some are more accurate than others, too.


I do agree, most weather apps are the same, they get their weather information from the same sources. the only difference is way you access the weather information and the look. the weather app I use is because of the widgets ability to have transparent backgrounds. when I first started using it years ago, it was the only one I could find that had the transparent ability.

me just saying

What about you? Do you care about Android weather apps?

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