Do Androids dream of Jelly Beans? We do!

Do Android's dream of Jelly Beans? Maybe, maybe not. But, one thing we do know -- we're dreaming of Jelly Beans right now! It's officially, officially official. The beans may have been spilled yesterday at Building 44, but when they were picked up they were transformed into what you see here. Check out the latest Google Jelly Bean video after the break.

The countdown to the Day 1 keynote at Google I/O is almost at an end, and we expect to see the first glimpses of Jelly Bean in the next few hours. Phil, Jerry and Alex are catching what sleep they can ahead of one of the biggest days in the Android calendar. We're triple teaming I/O this year, so you can bet your bottom dollar that the very best, of the best, Google I/O coverage will be right here on Android Central.

And, for all the Jelly Bean information you can shake a stick at, you might want to bookmark our new Jelly Bean landing page. So, join us, it's going to be some ride!

Richard Devine
  • God I'm so excited... I hope my Verizon gnex sees jelly bean soon. And as for that Nexus tablet, if they announce a keyboard dock accessory for it (a la transformer), then my ipad is going on ebay ASAP. Probably wishful thinking on my part though.
  • i hope the Verizon gnex doesn't sees jelly bean soon... egoist.
  • I too hope that Verizon's Galaxy Nexus gets jelly bean soon! As for the Nexus tablet, I already have the Transformer Prime but for android's sake I also hope for it to have a keyboard dock. That would just set it apart from the competition even more.
  • Exactly. Given the surface announcement, I feel like they need to distinguish it somehow.
  • I think the $200 price point vs the rumored $599+ for the surface is a good start. Other than Apple I do not think any tablet will sell in large quantities if it is over $250 or so. Even then I do not think there is going to be a whole lot of competition for Apple. I believe Apple has made the tablet market into the same thing the music player/iPod market was. As for keyboards, other than a small niche of users I do not think people want a physical keyboard on their tablet. I believe those people are going to buy an ultrabook type laptop.
  • Hell, my Android is still dreaming of Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • Mine got left in the forest on the way to Gingerbread,,,,,!!
  • Please, please let Jelly Bean be an upgrade that makes upgrades easier. Really use the tiered setup of Android:
    - First tier contains the hardware drivers and needs to be developed by the phone/tablet manufacturers;
    - Second tier contains the juicy jelly bean niceness
    - The third tier can be used by manufacturers or others to add custom skins and other crap For upgrades only swap out tier two and you are ready to go...
  • God I want to tackle that thing so bad and spill the beans.....
  • How can people be so excited over something that's nothing but a name at this point? You have no idea what JB will offer that ICS doesn't. You might recall that not all new versions of the OS were all that tasty, Honeycomb anyone?
  • Why should I care? Still waiting for ICS on my phone even though it was promised "shortly after the new year." it's almost July with no upgrade. Google needs to force carriers to push vanilla updates if customers want them, and their skins later when they feel like developing them. My 8 month phone has as good or better specs than some phones with ICS but yet I have to lie and wait on a manufacturer or carrier.
  • Ugh. What do you have, the Rezound? Honestly, if a phone is released with a year-old OS (i.e., Gingerbread on the Rezound) and they promise an update within a certain timeframe, you should be able to ditch your two-year contract if they fail to deliver. There is literally nothing aside from bad PR on blogs for phone geeks to stop manufacturers from promising us the moon and then completely tanking their upgrade programs.
  • Who's the good looking woman on the left?
  • So, this conference goes for a few days. Do they show all the good stuff (Nexus Tablet) on the first day usually?
  • Google IO is developer conference, not consumer ;] Google equivalent of Apple's WWDC, after keynote there sessions where they disscuss about new stuff the annouce and protips for existing stuff (and most of them will be streamed for 2 days!), also all developer meets together to shere there knowledge and expiriece also showing there new products and there also party stuff :) But for normal users on net it's kind of Google's E3 when they announce ton ton stuff
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  • Nice try. Its some jackass that made an instagram profile under that androidcentral name and wants to try to sell it. DO NOT FOLLOW HIM.