Anyone who has ever spent much time playing an instrument, or who had to suffer through piano lessons as a child, probably remembers what a metronome is. While you might still be playing that piano, the need for a physical metronome has passed with the times. Now instead of lugging one out, you can just download DMetrnome for Android Wear.

DMetronome for Android Wear was the first — but is no longer the only metronome on the Google Play Store. This app works fantastically, and aims to fill all your metronome needs. You can adjust the beats per minute with a slider, or by tapping the arrows on the left and right of your screen, going anywhere from 1 to 200 BPM. The default is a four count, but you can adjust it anywhere from 1 to 12.

DMetronome screenshot

This app is only available on your Android Wear device, and really doesn't have much by way of settings. You can turn the always-on setting on or off, as well as enabling a flash screen animation for the beats per minute. That's it though. That's a good thing too, because DMetronome already does an awesome job at what it does. It's a small, sweet, and simple app that is well designed and easy to use. Better yet it's definitely much, much lighter than hauling around a metronome or trying to find one in a practice hall. Your Smartwatch will actually buzz on each count, which makes it even easier to stay in time over the course of a piece.

DMetronome is currently free over at the Google Play store, and it's worth your time if you need to keep time. It works well on Android Wear, and gets you the features you need without the clutter that you don't. That means that you worry less about the timing, and have more time to spend on the music. After all, that's the point, right?