Everyone knows that Prime Day is the best time to buy an Amazon Echo or a box full of phone accessories, but it's also a day (or two) to save a ton of money on tools and DIY products. Whether your project is big or small, you'll find savings across the board on the things you need to make the things you need. Don't let these deals slip away while you figure out how to get that square peg into its round hole. (Hint: Sandpaper!)

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Making holes: Bosch 29 piece drill set

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A lot of DIY projects start the same way — by drilling the right size holes. This 29 piece drill set has all the standard fractional sizes from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch with split point tips and an oxide coating for long life. It even comes inside a reusable metal index.

$20 at Amazon

Dremel to the rescue: Dremel 4300 rotary tool kit

A rotary tool is the most vertical tool you'll ever buy, and Dremel makes one of the best. This kit comes with all the goodies and attachments including a flex shaft, angle head, and even a rotating pivot light so you can see what you're doing. Sand, grind, cut, polish, and at the end of the day put everything back in the handy aluminum carrying case.

$159 at Amazon

⚡SHOCKING⚡: Extech electrical test kit

A sure-fire way to have a disaster is to do any work with wires without testing them first. This kit includes an outlet tester, an AC voltage detector pen, and a full-function multimeter rated at 10 Amps and 600 volts. Don't risk it when protection is this cheap.

$22 at Amazon

Mr. Fixit: Craftsman 16 piece electronics tool kit

Everything you need to tear apart small electronics and (hopefully) put them back together is inside this kit of Craftsman tools. Whether you're trying to fix a phone or anything else that uses those tiny little screws, you need this.

$10 at Amazon

Bend me shape me: Sugru Moldable Glue

Sugru is a DIY'ers best friend. This malleable glue hardens into any shape you can mold and has the same properties as 100% silicon once cured. You can mend holes, repair cables, bond handles, and patch almost anything with Sugru. All with no baking.

$16 at Amazon

A place to call home: Akro-Mills 24 drawer parts storage

If you've ever tried to keep track of different sized nuts, bolts, resistors, or other small parts, you know that having a set of bins and drawers is a must. This cabinet is 20 x 15 inches with 24 drawers and will hold all those things currently at the bottom of your toolbox.

$25 at Amazon

Hope you never need it: First Alert fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is one of those things you buy and hope you never have to use. But if you need it, you're grateful that it's there and ready. At this price, you should probably buy more than one.

$15 at Amazon

More Power: Black and Decker 6 tool kit

What sets man apart from the apes is the ability to use power tools. This kit of 20-volt tools contains a drill, sander, jigsaw, oscillating tool, router, and impact driver. Imagine all the things you can make now that you aren't building like a monkey.

$139 at Amazon

Stay right there: Irwin bar clamp set

You don't have six hands, so what are you going to do when it's time to hold that thing you just glued, screwed, painted, or polished? Stick it in a quick-grip bar clamp, that's what! This set from Irwin has three different sizes and can put 140 pounds of stay-fast pressure on your work.

$35 at Amazon

Chillin': Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Oversize Lounge Chair

When it's time to stop and take a break you need a comfy spot to rest your butt. This chair reclines, locks into place, and most importantly has a built-in cupholder. It's an essential tool for every project.

$130 at Amazon

Don't get burnt: UPF 50+ Mesh Boonie Hat

The sun may be our friend, but too much of it on your face can cause headaches and sunburn. This hat can help keep your face and ears from getting sunburned while you're out in the yard or on the patio making and doing.

$14 at Amazon

Summer Breeze: Amazon Basics Oscillating Fan

Working on anything while outside can get hot. this oscillating fan can keep you from wilting like a hothouse flower so you can get more work done.

$38 at Amazon

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Buying tools can be as fun as making things with them — especially with deals like these. I've picked up a couple of packages of Sugru and a new set of drills, and am seriously eyeing a new Dremel kit for myself. That's what makes Prime Day so good, no matter what you like to do to relax.

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