Did you pre-order the Google Pixel 5?

Google Pixel 5 Sorta Sage
Google Pixel 5 Sorta Sage (Image credit: Google)

Yesterday during its Launch Night In livestream, Google finally took the wraps off of the Pixel 5. It's the flagship Pixel that we're getting for 2020, and it's a pretty interesting device.

Rather than trying to compete toe-to-toe with devices like the Galaxy S20, the Pixel 5 does something a bit different. For just $699, the phone delivers a Snapdragon 765G processor, 6-inch 90Hz display, dual rear cameras, and a promising 4,080 mAh battery. Those aren't the very best specs we've ever seen, but considering the lower-than-usual price, it's an enticing offer.

Taking a look through the AC forums, our members seem a bit split in regards to who pre-ordered and who didn't.

I'm definitely getting it, just debating if I want to wait for some discounts to kick in. I'm still using my 3xl but it's showing some age.


I planned to get it - BUT - not willing to wait 4 or 5 weeks for it to arrive. Might as well wait for Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, or some other sale day.


Nope. Pass. The phone belongs in 2018/early 2019. What company sits down and thinks its a good idea to literally take and neuter last year's version. Worse processor, same 2 year old camera, worse PPI, no ip68 rating. Complete and utter garbage. Screw Google for this disaster. Give me a real damn flagship with stock Android. snapdragon 865+, 6.9" display, 120Hz, etc. IDC what their moronic...


There is no way I won't get a new Pixel They could have priced it at $599 for a much broader appeal. I'm pretty sure there will be at least $100 discount come black friday or few weeks/months later there will be lots of deals. Personally I don't care about price, I care more about getting it ASAP


What about you? Did you pre-order the Google Pixel 5?

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