Did you download Android Q Beta 5?

Yesterday, July 10, Android Q Beta 5 officially dropped. While not drastically different compared to Beta 4, Beta 5 still stands out as noteworthy thanks to improvements to Q's gestures — specifically when it comes to how the gestures interact with in-app navigation drawers.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long after Beta 5 started rolling out before Google ended up pulling it due to installation issues.

Taking a look through the AC forums, however, it would appear that a few of our members still managed to get their hands on Beta 5 before Google took it away.

Downloading as we speak:))


Going smooth so far. Just started optimizing apps.


Well, I hate to be the first one to say this but dang! This is one smooth snappy update. I'm seeing a noticeable improvement.


Nice! Home animations are smooth again and I like the new gesture of swiping in from the bottom corners for Google Assistant when using full screen gestures.


What about you? Did you download Android Q Beta 5?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Rejoined the beta but download was pulled before I could install. Just waiting for it to resume! Pixel 3A is just a backup phone so I can wait.
  • Unset spawned Solo sick Q1 Android pc anyone let me know I got a PC ... Am1212pm code all #FBIstars
    Anyone need a new Pokemon game built to it ...
  • downloaded and all good pixel 3
  • Downloaded the moment ota went online, running smooth on pixel2 though the installation took quite long
  • Downloaded yesterday afternoon on 3A XL no issues although when phone boots on it still comes up in default white theme even though I have system them on black
  • This. Also, I have no way to adjust the back gesture sensitivity and Peek isn't working at all. OG Pixel XL.
  • Installed the beta right after it was released on my P2XL. Everything going smooth. I'm interested on what the installation issues were.
  • Yes, and regretted it. Just as previous betas did, drained my gear S3 battery from full to empty in just a few hours. Really hoped it wouldn't be an issue on this one, and no one is reporting this issue on betas so took a chance...oh well.
  • Downloaded yesterday on my 2XL...no issues thus far....
  • I've download and everything works but I've an issue with my pixel stand. When I take my phone on, it enter recovery and I need reboot.