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Did you cancel your Galaxy Fold pre-order?

The Galaxy Fold, one of 2019's most ambitious smartphones, hit a bump in the road last week. After being used for a couple of days by journalists, its inner display started breaking either due to a protective plastic layer being removed or for other unknown reasons.

It's obviously a bit disconcerting that a $1,980 phone can break so easily, but looking through the AC forums, people that pre-ordered the Fold aren't too phased by what's going on.

My preorder still holds. Not cancelling.


not cancelling yet. Will have insurance on it though...In case Samsung does not step up.


Not Canceling, I have had plenty of devices with plastic screens and had no issues. That said, I will likely invest in some form of protection policy. I will also be looking for the best ways I can protect the fold from FOD damage.. cheers, BR


I cancelled. The other stuff didn't bother me, but I didn't like the reports of dimpling on the screen. Those will build up over time and I have to think it would eventually harm the touchscreen capability.


What about you? Did you cancel your Galaxy Fold pre-order?

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  • I cancelled it immediately after reports came out. I'm usually an early adopter, but this isn't worth it.
  • I never ordered it.
  • No way I'm cancelling. Early adoption is always risky, regardless of the technology. I'm not worried about showing it off, I will just enjoy the experience of using it.
  • Lol... good luck with that...
  • No sense in canceling. I was worried when the news broke, but after we learned every device had been broken (ok, maybe one just broke)....
  • Yeah, I cance-- oh wait, I never ordered one, and never will.
  • Not stupid enough to order one in the first place
  • Hard to cancel something I was never planning on ordering. 🤷🏽‍♂️
    Even if the phone worked flawlessly as advertised, I find the whole Foldable phone trend to be a gimmick. Hell, I have trouble using 5.5" screen phones one handed, what use do I have for a bully square phone?
  • It has the small screen on the front for one handed use. Did you really need someone to tell you that or are you being dumb on purpose?
  • I don't know, sounds like the dumb ass here is you, because if I was just gonna use the folded small screen, why even bother buying a foldable phone? Seems like an incredible waste of money if I'm not even using its intended gimmick. But you know, just be a contrarian on the internet because it's cool... 👀
  • Yeah, since they were so cheap, at $2k each, I pre ordered 20 of them. I am so rich, I don't care the screen falls of or it explodes 😂😂
  • Nope, saving my money for Apple's iFold to be released.
  • Very happy with my S10PLUS!
  • I suppose some people have money and are willing to throw it away. Shows they didn't have to work hard for it. If a person had to get out and nail on shingles in a hot Texas summer for a hundred bucks a day they wouldnt spend 20 days labor on nonsense like this.
  • Or some people just have higher paying jobs. Why hate on what people spend there money on?
  • Just ask Lori Loughlin and the others charged with college admission scandals. Why hate on them.......