Did you cancel your Galaxy Fold pre-order?

The Galaxy Fold, one of 2019's most ambitious smartphones, hit a bump in the road last week. After being used for a couple of days by journalists, its inner display started breaking either due to a protective plastic layer being removed or for other unknown reasons.

It's obviously a bit disconcerting that a $1,980 phone can break so easily, but looking through the AC forums, people that pre-ordered the Fold aren't too phased by what's going on.

My preorder still holds. Not cancelling.


not cancelling yet. Will have insurance on it though...In case Samsung does not step up.


Not Canceling, I have had plenty of devices with plastic screens and had no issues. That said, I will likely invest in some form of protection policy. I will also be looking for the best ways I can protect the fold from FOD damage.. cheers, BR


I cancelled. The other stuff didn't bother me, but I didn't like the reports of dimpling on the screen. Those will build up over time and I have to think it would eventually harm the touchscreen capability.


What about you? Did you cancel your Galaxy Fold pre-order?

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