AT&T Nexus S may have been tipped in change to Android code

An AT&T-3G version of the Samsung Nexus S has been rumored for a while now, but while poking around at Google's Android Open Source Project git repository I noticed one of the changes made for 2.3.3 centered around the requirement for a new radio -- and it differentiates between T-Mobile and AT&T.  I'm no Googler, but that sure looks like we're seeing Gingerbread being built for the Nexus S with AT&T in mind.

The page has disappeared for a bit while writing this one up, but the magic of tabbed browsing saves the day in case it doesn't come back online soon.  Have a peek after the break for the full page view. [Android Open Source Project]

Update: The page is live again at the source link, but we'll leave it after the break as well for our mobile viewers. 

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • now the question is...when and if it will be subsidised EDIT: speaking of AOSP when will we see the honeycomb nookie wants some honeycomb lovin
  • Remember it cleared the FCC also. But I think that was the first day of MWC so many may have forgotten or missed the news. IMO it is definitely coming and has a good shot at being available in the next few weeks. They may have been waiting to release it with 2.3.3. I don't think there is any chance AT&T will subsidize it. AT&T prefers to have very tight control of their devices. They only allow stuff like Nexus One because they adhere to the SIM standards and don't lock you down beyond that. Plus they would probably want to disable HSUPA and sideloading like on their other phones! But we can always dream of a subsidy... I have been off contract a while (Off topic - considered the Atrix, but don't think I could go back to non vanilla and with that locked bootloader and no HSUPA forget it!)
  • It cleared the FCC with AT&T bands around a week ago. There have been reports that every carrier in canada will be carying it in march
  • Still a pointless "developer" device outside of the larger screen. What advancement did this phone bring? Nada. NFC? How many phones at CES & MWC had nfc? I dont know but im sure it wasnt many.
    A pointless device imo
  • Wasn't the original Nexus S compatible with Edge on AT&T?
  • all gsm phones these days are quad band edge and will work with all gsm carriers. there are different 3g frequencies though, so when people talk about if a device will work on 3g for a carrier it is assumed that 2g works on the other carriers
  • My big question is will a new radio mean HSPA+? If so I might switch TMO when my VZW contract expires.
  • I really wish Sprint would get some high end phones running vanilla Android, but it probably won't happen until all carriers use LTE as their baseline. Lame. I'm so sick of Sense and Motoblur. Sprint's lineup is begging for a 3.7-4 inch slate running vanilla Android. I can dream.